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NewsMobile is an independent news organisation founded by award-winning journalist Saurabh Shukla in 2014. The other co-founder is Dr SC Shukla, media academic and founder and principal of Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, who was the winner of the National Press Award.

www.newsmobile.in (NewsMobile) is the news and content platform of World Mobile News Network Pvt Ltd, a private limited company registered in India. Our funding was provided by our co-founders who are senior journalists and media academics from their personal savings. As an unbiased and objective digital news platform, powered by cutting-edge technology, our aim is to highlight stories that impact people and present credible and fact-checked stories to our readers. NewsMobile, founded in India, is now a global fact checker with operations in India, Asia Pacific and the US. Our aim is to solve the biggest problem of misinformation globally with a focus on debunking misinformation in communities.

Our journalists are objective and we have a policy that ensures that they are not affiliated to any political party or advocacy group. We believe in providing fair and transparent editorial opinions.

In 2023, NewsMobile was invited by the Chief Election Commissioner to conduct a workshop on fact-checking for elections for India’s independent Election Commission & the entire election commission leadership team and the Chief Election Officers from all states in India.

In June 2023 NewsMobile’s election integrity program Chunavshaala was selected for IFCN’s prestigious Build grant program and we are excited to make an impact on underserved communities through this program.

NewsMobile is the only Indian Fact Checker and the only one from Asia to have won a global innovative challenge in 2020. The challenge focused on how technology can improve fact-checking, in round 2 of the Fact-Checking Innovation Initiative. Along with their tech partner FakeNet AI at the University of California, Berkeley, they were declared winners of the global innovation challenge, organised by IFCN and Facebook, that focused on fact-checking.

NewsMobile has been consistently spearheading efforts to combat misinformation and bust myths. Our flagship projects include ‘Chunavshaala’, ‘Covishaala’, ‘CovidWise’, and ‘FactWise’.

Team NewsMobile interacted and exchanged ideas for media literacy and the future of fact-checking with the IFCN Director Angie Holan, Bill Adair, Duke University and professionals from the global Fact checking community at global fact 10 in Seoul, South Korea

NewsMobile is a signatory of the IFCN code of principles and has front-line expertise in creating media literacy content and delivering media literacy training in fact-checking and counter-misinformation operations.

Founder and Editor-in-Chief Saurabh Shukla Spoke at the UN on disinformation and misinformation in the age of Artificial Intelligence

Attached below are links where NewsMobile has been covered for its efforts on fact-checking. Founder & Editor in Chief Saurabh Shukla’s interview by BBC on the menace of misinformation



‘NewsMobile in News’







In 2020, NewsMobile and Logically announced an exciting partnership, rolling out a range of election and information integrity products across South East Asia – Including India, Singapore and the US. The partnership combined the best of editorial and fact-checking services with the best in anti-misinformation technology to create a range of tools and products – ensuring information integrity.

Here are the links –



The Economic Times featured NewsMobile’s efforts at busting fake news centred around COVID-19 vaccines.

Nov 30, 2020


In 2020 NewsMobile methodology also won acclaim from IFCN as our fact check was declared ‘The Fact Check Of The Week’.


NewsMobile Funding

In 2021-2022, Meta Platforms, Inc. contributed to more than 5 percent of our total funding.

NewsMobile shares Fact Checking Best Practices 

NewsMobile Editor-in-Chief, Saurabh Shukla, was featured on a special show on India’s national radio station, the All India Radio (AIR), which is heard by millions of people. He spoke about the efforts of NewsMobile, IFCN and Facebook to curb fake news.

He has also spoken at the Harvard India Conference in February 2019 on how to curb misinformation and NewsMobile’s efforts to curb the spread of FAKE news.

Link here – NM Fact Checker