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Indian Origin Woman Charged For Terror Threat In US, Says “We’ll Murder You”

Ms Patel made frightening remarks during the meeting, which went viral on tape, saying that she wanted "oppressed minorities" to "guillotine" city authorities

Foreign Secretary Reviews Advancements In India-US Strategic Partnership

He also held discussions with key counterpart officials at the National Security Council, Department of Defence, Department of Commerce and Department of Energy

Trump’s Stance On The Abortion Issue And It’s Impact On The Upcoming US Elections

Trump on Monday in a video message posted to his social media site, Truth Social said his view is now that the country has abortion where everybody wanted it from a legal standpoint

US Should Learn From India On How To Improve Its Electoral Process And Procedures: Eric Garcetti

Speaking during the function, Garcetti emphasized that around one billion Indians will be exercising their right to vote in the country's next general elections, which are set for April 19 to June 1

Jake Sullivan Says India-US Partnership Has Reached New Heights

At a White House News Conference, Jake Sullivan told the media that the partnership between the US and India, a country in BRICs has gone to new heights