Researchers Warn About Increased Risk Of Deadly Crashes In The US During The Solar Eclipse

According to a letter published this week in the JAMA Internal Medicine journal, there was a 31% increase in fatal road accidents during the 2017 complete eclipse

US: Flight Bound For Houston Turns Back As Flight Engine Cover Falls Off, Probe Initiated

The FAA said that it would investigate the matter. In recorded air traffic control audio, one of the pilots said that "several passengers and flight attendants heard something loud hit the wing

US: Total Solar Eclipse On April 8, How To Watch It Live Online

April 8 is when the 2024 total solar eclipse will take place. A 185-kilometer span between Mexico, the US, and Canada will be visible for the totality, or complete darkening of the sky

Donald Trump Raises $50 Million From The Largest Fundraiser To Contribute To His Election Campaign

Trump finds himself in a financial bind, pressured by escalating legal fees and settlements arising from his legal battles

Biden Inspects Collapsed Baltimore Bridge, Pledges Help To Victims

Biden went over the accident scene to gain a bird's-eye perspective. He briefed local officials on the economic effects on the Baltimore port, a major shipping hub for ships offloading cars