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The Liver Doc Slammed Samantha Ruth Prabhu for Endorsing Hydrogen Peroxide Nebulization Calls her “health and science illiterate”


In a recent social media storm, actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu ignited controversy by promoting an unconventional remedy for viral infections: nebulizing a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and distilled water. Taking to Instagram, Samantha suggested this alternative to traditional medications, claiming it had miraculous effects and advising her followers to avoid unnecessary pills. “Before taking medication for a common viral, consider trying an alternative approach,” Samantha wrote. “One option is to nebulize with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and distilled water. Works like magic. Avoid unnecessary use of pills,” she added.

“This works like magic,” Samantha asserted in her post, defending her recommendation.

This endorsement didn’t go unnoticed by Dr. Cyriac Abby Philips, known as “The Liver Doc,” who is well-known for his staunch stance against medical misinformation. Dr. Philips didn’t mince words, criticizing Samantha as “health and science illiterate” and issuing strong warnings about the potential dangers associated with inhaling hydrogen peroxide through nebulisation.

“I have been fighting medical/health misinformation for the longest time,” Dr. Philips stated, reflecting on his ongoing efforts to combat misleading health advice.

His critique set off a vigorous online debate about the validity and safety of such unconventional treatments.

Hydrogen peroxide, commonly used as an antiseptic, is not typically recommended for inhalation due to its potential to produce harmful gases and cause lung damage, as experts caution. Despite the backlash, Samantha defended her recommendation, emphasizing that it was based on advice from her doctor with extensive experience.


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“I shared this with good intentions and not to harm anyone,” Samantha clarified in a statement responding to criticism. She urged her critics to engage with medical professionals rather than targeting her personally.

While The Liver Doc later apologized for his remarks, he continued to scrutinize Samantha’s endorsing doctors and raised questions about their medical practices.

“I understand and empathize with Samantha’s health condition and I wish her the very best. I apologize if she felt uneasy or bad the way the message was conveyed. That was unintentional. My aim was her to leave behind medical misinformation peddling “doctors” who are using her vulnerability, and catering to her anecdotal experiences, for their gain. I sincerely suggest that patients with chronic illnesses, please continue with evidence-based medical practices to remain inside a safety net and sanctuary. ,” Dr. Philips acknowledged in his apology, while maintaining his stance on medical misinformation.

The controversy attracted attention from various quarters, including support from Grammy winner Ricky Kej and concern from badminton player Jwala Gutta, highlighting the broader implications of celebrity health advocacy.

This incident underscores the complexities surrounding health advice on social media and the blurred lines between personal opinion and professional medical guidance.

“It would have been kind and compassionate,” Samantha reflected, responding to the backlash, “had critics engaged in a debate with my doctor.”

It serves as a reminder of the responsibility celebrities bear when discussing health matters and the importance of relying on evidence-based medical practices in public discourse.

Ultimately, Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s controversial endorsement sparked a necessary conversation about the role of celebrities in health discussions, prompting reflection on the influence they wield and the impact of their statements on public health perceptions.

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