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Harry & Meghan, a perfect fairytale with a perfect ending; timeline of events that led to this


With the royal wedding just around the corner, the world is intrigued to know more about the royal couple and their love story. How did they meet and how did the fairy tale imbibe the flavours of permanency?

Here’s a timeline of the important events that led to their coming together as a couple to reckon with.

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First meet –

Harry and Meghan first met on a blind date in early July of 2016. They were introduced to each other by Prince Harry’s close friend, Violet von Westenholz, who knew Meghan through the London social circles.

Meghan is known to have just asked one question before the date – whether he was nice and kind or not. And the person she actually received, answered her question to the hilt!

Despite Prince Harry’s global fame, she knew very little about him owing to her life in the States. Yet they hit it off immediately. Not only did they feel the urge to meet again but Harry instantly realised that she indeed was the one!

Trip to Africa –

Things moved quickly from there. Prince Harry invited her to accompany him on a trip to Africa just three or four weeks later. They camped in Botswana and got to know each other better.

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However, the secret was out sooner than they realised. Four months into the relationship, news had leaked and they were making headlines.

Meghan’s family harrowed –

However, not all went hunky dory post this. Media and the paparazzi created a furore. Mixed responses about her lineage, divorced background and career as an actress did the rounds. Finally, Kensington palace had to issue a statement on behalf of Prince Harry, stating his discontentment at this onslaught. He was miffed with the public attention and intrusion to Meghan’s personal space and requested the media to stay clear.

The relationship grew –

Meanwhile, the prince and Meghan continued to strengthen their relationship. Continuous photographs of them spotted together did the rounds of tabloids.

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The Queen approves –

Owing to his closeness to his grandmother, it was inevitable that the Queen’s approval had to come sooner than expected. The two met and sources indicated that she was delighted to see Harry in a loving relationship.

Norway, Kate, Charlotte and a whole lot of family meetings –

After spending New Year’s in London, the couple embarked on a romantic trip to Norway to see the northern lights.

Later, she also met up with Prince Harry’s sister-in-law Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte at Kensington Palace. The two were reported to have got along from the first instant and were very supportive of the relationship.

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Work and a long-term setting –

Meghan’s work in the USA Network series Suits, made her stay in Toronto, Canada, for long periods. The couple, however, would make efforts to meet up and constraint the long distance.

The couple’s first public appearance –

Meghan and Harry made their first public appearance as a couple at the annual Audi Polo Challenge in Ascot, England. As Harry participated in the games, Markle cheered her prince from the side lines.

The ‘yes I do’ moment –

The couple travelled to Africa in August 2017—a year after their first trip—for a romantic getaway in celebration of Markle’s 36th birthday. It is rumoured to be the site where Prince Harry finally proposed to her and she agreed. In memory of this, the diamond stone in her engagement ring is also from Botswana.

And finally engaged!!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle finally announced their engagement on November 27, 2017. The world now awaits the finale to this tale on May 19th 2018.

Their marriage is also a game changer of sorts. The British royalty, their rules and regulations have come a long way in welcoming non-royals. An indication of changing times and mindsets!


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