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World’s Top-10 Airport Lounges


Airports can be a hotbed of stress even for the mildest of passengers. Whether it’s in terms of security, the strain of carrying around an abundant carry-on or the race for a comforting pre-flight snack, the most challenging part and for the blessed few, being in transit is actually the greatest party of any journey.

Giving luxury spas, cigar clubrooms, and vertical gardens,excellent airport  lounges include the lounge’s level of mindful assistance, culinary contributions, exclusive perks and welcoming ambience are the main guidelines for being the most comfortable airport lounges of the world.

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Let’s have a look at the top-10 Airport Lounges across the world:

Cathay Pacific : Hong Kong


Trending on the 1st position is the Cathay Pacific. The airline proceeds to cherish its travellers with its Hong Kong airport lounge, The Wing.

The brand new lounge has been recently renovated that enhances its spectacularly lush environment.


Introducing its lounge apart from anything is Cathay Pacific’s private Cabanas. The private Cabanas tender luscious soaking tubs, rain baths, and day beds and also working place and comforts. Passengers also appreciate the lounge’s The Haven restaurant, a champagne bar and capacious, well-equipped workstations.

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Lufthansa: Frankfurt


The Frankfurt Terminal is one of the most elegant airport adventures one can imagine. Overall Security is individualised and friendly. One can experience an amazing activity here at the Lufthansa.


The layout of the lounge is impressive. It’s been coated with a cigar lounge, a bar, and numerous varieties of food and ravishing things to choose from.

You’ll get a delightful assistance in the restaurant or at your place. Also one can experience a shower or a nap. The overall hospitality of this airport lounge gives a wonderful experience, one can imagine.

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Qatar Airways: Doha


Wide, spacious places give Qatar Airways’ Al Safwa lounge in Doha its peaceful and extraordinary ambience. The lounge inaugurated in late 2015, and it’s now a popular pick for the world’s travellers.

Arriving visitors rests with pleasure with individual check-in facilities and appreciate equally private immigration and security check stations. Capacious napping rooms, appetising champagne service, and versatile dining menus please the guests.

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Paris CDG: Air France


Air France makes its appearance on the top 10 list with its air carrier’s amenity-rich lounge at Paris’s Charles de Gaulle Airport. Here, the travellers don’t even have to enter the airport at all. The air carrier’s chauffeur assistance picks up the passengers on the tarmac at their arriving flights and drives them straight to their departing aircraft.


If there’s a delay, passengers are carried to La Premier lounge, where the service is awesome and memorable. Extraordinary services include Biologique Recherche spa treatments and delightful meals. There are various lounge chairs, day beds, and armchairs for resting and in addition to that, one personal assistant is committed to each guest at the lounge.

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Passengers of the Swiss Lounge can relax under a gigantic glass roof enclosed by bright, simplistic stuff — like chrome and wood, rather than some of the expensive, upholstered coverings observed in other first class lounges. The architecture is kept opened, the delightful greenery and the team at the welcome desk are thoughtful.

Other than warm and cold cabinets, leather recliners viewing the panoramic glasses, a peculiar European bar, and a Japanese bridge in an atrium enclosed by palm trees makes this lounge more attractive and comfortable.

Dubai: Fly Emirates


Emirates dedicates a complete level of their A380 junction to their first class lounge. There is an individual cabinet at each gate and in addition to that, dedicated assistances like a restaurant, spa are duty-free. Boarding can be instantly done from the separate first class section of each gate. There’s an infinite sea of vacant chairs and much more dedicated team than passengers. Their unique feature of hospitality makes them one of the best airport lounges.

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Singapore Airlines: Singapore


At Singapore Airport Lounge, as crowds of travellers roll wheelbarrows piled high with bags to overflowing check-in lines, Customer Relations Officers attend and escorts its travellers of Singapore Airlines curbside, carrying their bags, escorting them to an armchair in the high-class check-in lounge and managing them personally.


The place itself has spacious seating, although it’s much more comfortable for relaxing. Assistance in the lounge is excellent, and the food is delicious and delightful. Although one can find stalls outside the airport lounge.

The Private Cabin is certainly independent and exclusive, opened for Singapore’s own first class passengers only.

Thai Airways: Bangkok


the highly dedicated team will accompany you from check-in, through immigration, to a languishing golf cart to take you to the high-class lounge.
Or they’ll engage you on the gateway of your connecting flight that lands in Bangkok. And since they accompany you from lounge to your next flight, it seems to be a wonderful and royal adventure.

The Thai airport lounge has semi-private living rooms. The major limelight is the spa, with hour-long practices for first class passengers. These are the genuine treatments, one can ever experience.

Finnair Lounge: Helsinki Airport


From felt surfaces that consume external noise to Marimekko tableware to the wireless, mobile phone-charging method, the simplicity, and kindness of the Finnair Lounge make it outstanding and exceptional.


A buffet always opened for their fellow passengers, the luxurious Finnish and Nordic fittings designs present their own comfortable and peaceful pleasure. For those on their route to Asia, the night buffet is individually embellished.


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