AIIMS Launches Revolutionary AI Platform For Early Cancer Detection


New Delhi: In a groundbreaking collaboration, AIIMS, New Delhi, and the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC), Pune, have launched, an innovative AI platform aimed at revolutionizing cancer detection. The platform integrates cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies to enable early diagnosis and proactive management of cancer cases.

Given that breast and ovarian cancers rank among the most prevalent cancers affecting women in India, AIIMS has initiated the first application of the platform in these areas. With the potential to transform healthcare, promises to significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of cancer screening programs.

The platform utilizes an advanced AI system capable of analyzing intricate medical data, including diagnoses, with exceptional precision and speed.

As the quantity of clinical data and medical images grows, the platform possesses self-learning capabilities to continually enhance its performance.  The learning models employed by the platform have been specifically customized to aid in the early detection of breast and ovarian cancer.

The current system has amassed a substantial dataset comprising approximately half a million radiological and histopathological images. This data originates from the examination and diagnosis of around 1,500 patient cases of breast and ovarian cancer at AIIMS over a period.

The AI platform, successfully utilized by the Department of Gynaecology and Dr. Brarich/NCI of AIIMS for validating clinical examinations and diagnoses on real patients, has been implemented in five district hospitals across the country following its positive outcomes. platform is the outcome of a successful collaborative R&D initiative of the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology with AIIMS, New Delhi, and CDAC, Pune.

Cancer is globally estimated to be the most fatal disease than those from cardiovascular (Lancet, 2019) in high-income countries (HICs), and middle-income countries (MICs). According to the Global Cancer Observatory (GLOBOCAN) estimates, there were 19.3 million incident cancer cases worldwide for the year 2020. India ranked third after China and the United States of America.

A recent study published in the Lancet predicted that cancer cases in India would increase to 2.08 million, accounting for a rise of 57.5% in 2040 from 2020. In India, over 8 lakh deaths were caused due to Cancer in the year 2022. Late detection of cancer remains the main cause of death.

It is globally estimated that out of 80% of cases reported late, only 20% survive. However, 20% of cases detected at an early stage have a survival rate of 80% or higher. Early diagnosis is thus the key to reducing fatalities due to Cancer.

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