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In its order on DMK, addressed to Karunanidhi, the poll In its order on DMK, addressed to Karunanidhi, the pollbody said that though the rationale and ways and means to meetthe promises have now been given, the same should have beengiven while issuing the manifesto. In its show cause notice to the two Tamil Nadu parties,the Commission had referred to the guidelines on electionmanifesto for political parties and candidates. It had reminded the two parties of section 3, which saysthat "in the interest of transparency, level-playing field andcredibility of promises, it is expected that the manifestoalso reflects the rationale for the promises and broadlyindicate the ways and means to meet the financial requirementfor it. "Trust of voters should be sought only on those promiseswhich are possible to be fulfilled." Parties in Tamil Nadu are known to promise things such ascolour TV, mixer grinder, ceiling fans and free rice in theirelection manifestos. PTI NABZMN


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