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#IndiaHitsBack: Hers’s How Indian Army conducted successful Surgical Strike in PoK


After the terror attacks in Uri and other places like Pathankot and Gurdaspur, the Indian Army has responded back with a preplanned surgical strike that killed 38 terrorists, 2 Pakistani soldiers, and destroyed seven terror camps.

After this Surgical Strike, Pakistan denied all the reports regarding the Indian Army’s operation.

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A couple of hours after the surgical strikes in PoK, Pakistan authority issued the images of 2 dead soldiers. They have been identified as Havildar Jumma Khan and Naik Imtiaz.
Meanwhile, the Army has published a statement, saying one soldier from 37 RR with weapons inadvertently crossed over to the other side of the LoC and the Pak has already been informed about that. It has denied reports of any Indian casualties.

The Masterplan
It was around midnight of 28-29th September, when the Army’s Dhruv Advanced Light Helicopters with 25 commandos from 4-Para and 9-para crossed the LoC into Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. The helicopters dropped the para-commandos at allocated spots and returned. They were now in the enemy region.

The Army commandos dragged through the mud, rocks, and even landmines for about 3 kms with the peril of being detected in the Pakistan army’s crosshairs. Their targets covered five launch pads where a large number of terrorists had gathered.
The launch pads were made for the terrorists waiting to invade into the Indian side of the LoC to lead out terror attacks in the nation. The terror launch pads were located in Bhimbar, Kel, Tattapani and Leepa ranges.

The launch pads were under the close surveillance of the Indian intelligence agencies. RAW and Military Intelligence had kept a sharp eye on every single act of terrorists in the targeted territory.

The surgical strike company had six targets on thought, out of which three were completely damaged during the operation. The Para-Commandos were fully outfitted with Tavor and M-4 guns, grenades and smoke grenades. They were also provided with barrel grenade launchers (UBGL) and night-vision tools. They were also wearing camera-mounted helmets.

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After arriving the destination spot, the commandos applied the element of surprise to fix rapid and deadly attacks on the terrorists. With the terrorists taken by astonishment, the crack troops added to the chaos by shooting a flurry of smoke grenades into the terror camps.
Their activities were so accurate and quick that by the time terrorists and Pakistani army personnel apprehended the situation, 38 terrorists were killed and Two Pakistani army personnel were also killed in the operation.
Two para commandos of the team suffered injuries during the mission from landmines.

Real-Time Monitoring
While the operation was going on, in Delhi, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, and Army Chief General Dalbir Singh Suhag observed the complete operation in real time, getting footage from the helmet cameras as well as the drone.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also present and was briefed throughout the operation.

Parrikar praised the Army for the successful operation. He said that Army had “credible information about the presence of terrorists in the area and we carried out surgical attacks on those camps.” PoK is part of India, Parrikar added.

In an important diplomatic progress, Doval spoke to his American counterpart Susan Rice and took her into confidence about the cross-border development.

The War Room at Army Headquarters
The operation that launched at 12.30 am midnight was completed at around 4.30 am on Thursday. Army headquarters in Delhi had completed its preparation for the confidential operation by 8 pm on Wednesday night.

All the three i.e, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar, NSA Ajit Doval and General Suhag held a meeting at the war-room at Army headquarters, and analyzed the plan for the surgical operation and gave their final permission.
Army chief General Dalbir Singh Suhag said that the army had done what it said by “giving a befitting reply at the place and time of its own choice”.

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Ready for after strike effects
After hitting back Pakistan in the same coin, the Indian Army’s confidence is high but it has also risen up wake along the LoC and the border in Jammu and Kashmir as well as Punjab and Rajasthan.
All the three armed forces and paramilitary forces have been put on the highest alert. The leaves of Army and BSF personnel have been called off.
Areas nearby the border and LoC in Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir are being vacated. Extra deployment of BSF personnel is also being made. There is a high alert from Gujarat to Kashmir along the border and LoC. Coast Guard have been directed to be extra vigilant.

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After the successful operation,Home Minister Rajnath Singh and other ministers applauded the Army.

Meanwhile, the UN has proposed India and Pakistan to practice restraint and inspired them to sustain their effort in order to resolve their differences peacefully and through dialogue.


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