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PM Modi Takes ‘Emergency’ Swipe At Congress; Kharge Counters


New Delhi: As the first session of the newly elected 18th Lok Sabha Kick-started on Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi targeted the opposition Congress on Monday, recalling the 50th anniversary of the Emergency imposed in 1975. Addressing the media before the first session of the 18th Lok Sabha, PM Modi referred to the Emergency as a “black spot” on India’s democracy.

“Tomorrow (June25th) marks 50 years of the black spot on Indian democracy. The new generation will not forget how the Indian Constitution was scrapped, how the country was turned into a jail, and how democracy was captured,” Modi said. “In this 50th anniversary, the country will take a pledge that never again will it happen.”

The Prime Minister’s remarks set a combative tone for the session, signaling that the BJP, despite any setbacks, intends to firmly counter the Opposition. PM Modi promised that the government would work three times harder in its third term and deliver three-fold results.

“This opportunity has come after 60 years. When people have chosen a government for the third term, it means a stamp on its intent, a stamp on its policies, and its dedication. I thank the people for this,” he said.

PM Modi emphasized the importance of a responsible Opposition, urging them to focus on substantive debates rather than disruptions. “India needs a responsible Opposition. People want substance, not slogans; they want debate, diligence, not drama and disturbance in Parliament. I hope the Opposition will live up to the people’s expectations,” he said.

The Prime Minister also congratulated the newly elected MPs, noting that this is the first time they will take the oath in the new Parliament building.

The Congress quickly responded to PM Modi’s comments. Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge questioned the Prime Minister’s focus on the Emergency, accusing the government of running an “undeclared Emergency” in the past decade.

“He will say this 100 times. Without declaring an emergency, you are doing this. How long do you want to rule by talking about this?” Kharge said. “You are warning the Opposition. You are talking about the 50-year-old Emergency but have forgotten the undeclared Emergency in the last 10 years.”

Kharge also criticized the Prime Minister for not addressing protests surrounding NEET, the train accident in West Bengal or the continuing violence in Manipur. “The country was expecting that the Prime Minister would speak about the protests surrounding NEET, the train accident in West Bengal, or the continuing violence in Manipur,” Kharge added.

As the 18th Lok Sabha begins its first session, the sharp exchanges between the ruling party and the Opposition set the stage for a contentious and closely watched parliamentary session.

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