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Time To Get Over ‘West Is The Bad Guy Syndrome’: EAM Jaishankar


New Delhi: External Affairs Minister, S Jaishankar has challenged the traditional perspective that views the West as opposed to developing nations. During an interview with former Indian diplomat T.P. Sreenivasan for Asianet News, India’s External Affairs Minister emphasized the intricacies of the current global environment and discussed the growing impact of the Global South.

“I believe it’s time to move beyond the mindset that views the West as the antagonist and developing countries as the victims. The world is far more intricate, and the challenges we face are much more nuanced than that,” stated the minister.

Jaishankar emphasized that economic challenges for Asia and Africa should not be solely attributed to the West. He implied that Chinese economic policies, particularly the flooding of markets with low-cost goods, were a significant concern for countries in these regions.

Regarding China’s absence from the recent G20 Summit in New Delhi, the minister stated that any interpretation of the Chinese president’s decision not to attend would be speculative. He suggested that India’s ability to lead the Global South was distinct from China’s diplomatic actions.

During the discussion about the G20 Summit, Jaishankar highlighted how India’s presidency had refocused attention on growth and development. He also mentioned India’s initiative to shift the global conversation towards the Global South.

He acknowledged Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decisive leadership in prioritizing the Global South and the inclusion of the African Union in the G20 Summit. According to him, India’s leadership in organizing the summit represented a shift in global decision-making, where traditional powers like the P5 or the West didn’t have to dictate the agenda.

Regarding the Global South, the minister described it not as a defined group but as a shared sentiment of solidarity among developing nations. He also commented on the growing political attention given to the Khalistan group in Canada, emphasizing the need for nations to act responsibly.

Concerning India’s diplomatic approach to the Ukraine crisis at the G20 Summit, he explained that a balanced stance was achieved through negotiations, resulting in an outcome different from previous summits.

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