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‘Burn me alive if I am wrong’, these are not the words of Adolf Hitler


‘I left everything to serve my nation…Burn me alive if I am wrong.’ A video of German leader Adolf Hitler went viral on social media. The video clip is said to be his 1936 speech in Essen, Germany. Though the speech is in German, the subtitle accompanying the video read the above quotes.

The video was originally posted on Twitter and has now been taken down. Another user, Aarti also shared the video which has received more than 4.7 thousand likes and 2700 retweets till now. 

The video was also shared extensively on Facebook with a message that read ‘ “Give me 50 days! BURN ME ALIVE if I’m wrong” This is what *narendra modi* said in his speeches.’


Fact Check

The video that draws a comparison between Hitler’s 1936 speech in and Narendra Modi’s 2016 speech after demonetization was introduced, is seen with the logo of ‘British Pathé’.

British Pathé is newsreel archive with more than 85,000 historic videos, documentaries interviews and cinema clips.

The video was posted on the British Pathé’s official YouTube Channel in the year 2014 with the title ‘Adolf Hitler: Speech at Krupp Factory in Germany (1936)’ and the description that read ‘ Nazi leader Adolf Hitler is seen giving a speech in Essen, Germany at the Krupp Factory 3 years before World War II broke out in this archive footage from 1936.’

Though the description proves that the video is indeed of his speech in Essen, Germany, it does not contain any subtitles.

Another video, the extended video of the speech (above), posted back in 2016 say something else in the subtitle. The subtitles in this the video reads ‘If you think my work is right and if you think that I worked tirelessly, that I worked hard, That I’ve stood up for you over these years, that I’ve spent my time properley for my people, give your vote with a yes! then stand up for me as I stand up for you‘.

Interestingly, Maria Wirth whose twitter description says ‘ from Germany, in India for last 35 years. Am a sadhak and love India’ replied to Aarti’s post saying that translation in the video is wrong  and it roughly translates to ‘ if my work was right, if I stood up for you, if.. then stand by me and vote for me.’

The translation provided by the Maria and the subtitles in the extended video of the speech comes out to be the same which is nowhere even close to something like ‘I left everything to serve my nation…Burn me alive if I am wrong.’ Hence proving that the video is fake.


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