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Fact Check: Does This Video Shows Palestinians Using Indian Flag To Escape Israeli Forces? Here’s the Truth


Amid the Israel-Hamas conflict, a video showing Muslim girls wearing hijab and carrying the Indian tricolour in their hands is going viral on social media. Many users on social media claim that the Palestinian women were using the Indian tricolour to escape from the Israeli army because Israelis forces were not killing Indians.

A Facebook user shared this video and wrote: “भारत के नफ़रती मुस्लिम चिंटूवो देखों… आंखें खोल कर देखो… फिलिस्तीन के हमास “आतंकी” तिरंगे का उपयोग करके फिलिस्तीन से निकल रहे हैं?क्योंकि तिरंगा देख कर इजराइल नहीं मार रहा इन आतंकियों को। ये भारत की ताकत है…और तुम भारत से ही गद्दारी करते हो.” [English translation: Look, Indian Muslim haters, open your eyes… Palestine’s Hamas “terrorists” leaving Palestine using the tricolour. Because Israel is not killing these terrorists after seeing the tricolour. This is the strength of India… And you betray India only.]

This Facebook post can be seen here.

It is being widely shared on Facebook and X with a similar claim.


NewsMobile fact-checked the above claim, and found it to be FALSE.

Running the video keyframes through the Reverse Image Search, our team traced an extended version of the viral video on the YouTube channel, Al Zahra TV, dated September 2, 2023, with a title: “Indians Momineen on Arbaeen 2023”. It is to be noted that the recent Israel-Hamas war started on October 07, clearly suggesting that the viral video is not related to the ongoing conflict.

The viral video was also found on Instagram on August 31, 2023, shared by a user Falak Haq, with a caption: ‘Arabian Walk 2023’. We scanned her profile and found many related videos on her Instagram handle. 


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Falak Haq (@falak_haq120)

The same video was shared by several other Instagram handles with similar captions.

Searching about Arbaeen, our team found a report by NDTV, saying it is a religious journey in which Muslims from all over the world go to the city of Karbala in Iraq. It is a pilgrimage observed by the Shia Muslim community and marks the end of the 40-day mourning period after the day of Ashura. The report highlights that many Indian Muslims have travelled to Iraq for the Arbaeen pilgrimage. The report includes a video showing Indian Muslim boys and girls carrying the Indian flag while on their pilgrimage.

Thus, it is clear that the video shows visuals of the Arbaeen event organised in Iraq by the Shia community. It has nothing to do with the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict.

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