Fact Check: Post Suggesting Israeli Soldiers Celebrating President Raisi’s Death Is Fake  


Days after the death of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, a video showing soldiers dancing is going viral on social media. Many users claim that Israeli soldiers are celebrating the Iranian President’s death.

A Facebook user posted the video with a caption: “Watch |Upon hearing reports of the Iranian president’s helicopter crash, Israeli occupation soldiers in Gaza uploaded footage of themselves celebrating and dancing.”

You can check the above post here. More such posts can be seen here, here, here, and here.

Fact Check

NewsMobile fact-checked the claim, and found it to be misleading.

Running a Reverse Image Search of the video keyframes, the NM team found a video posted on X, dated November 3, 2023, with a caption: 🤧هكذايقاتل اليهوداليمنيين الاصل اللذي شردهم من بلادهم المحتل الفارسي الحوسي محتفضين بتراثهم وجاءيفرض ع اليمنيين التراث المجوسي اللطم والضرب تخيلوامحتل يهجراصحاب الارض كي يذهبوا يبحثوالهم عن ارض يحتلونها . اوليست من المفارقات العجيبه مثلماشرد المحتل الفارسي الحوسي ايضاابناء دماج. (English translation: 🤧 This is how the Jews of Yemeni origin, who were expelled from their country, fight the Persian Hussi occupier. Preserving their heritage. The Magian heritage of slapping and beating was imposed on the Yemenis. Imagine an occupier displacing the landowners to go and look for land to occupy. Isn’t it a strange irony? Just as the Persian occupier, Al-Hussi, also displaced the people of Dammaj.)

After comparing both the viral video and Twitter video, we found them to be identical.

We also came across another similar video posted on a YouTube channel, dated December 26, 2021, with a title: “מעניין: החיילים רוקדים תימנית” (English version: Interesting: the soldiers dance Yemenite).

Although the context of the video is not quite clear, it should be noted that the video clearly predates the death of Iranian President Raisi on May 19, 2024. Therefore, it is confirmed that the video in question is old.

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