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Fact Check: Old Video From Pak Falsely Shared As Recent Protest Over Former BJP Spokesperson’s Controversial Remark


A video has surfaced on social media platforms showing a huge crowd with a claim that people were protesting in India against former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma’s derogatory remarks on the Prophet.

“Ya Rasool Allah…At Kanpur Railway station,” the text embedded in the video read.

Facebook users shared the video with the caption, “अपने “Prophet Muhammad ﷺ” के #नामूस के खातिर आज सऊदी अरब, ईरान, कतर, कुवैत, लीबिया, ओमान, बहरीन, अफगानिस्तान, सब हुज़ूर ﷺ के नाम पर एक साथ है..ओर मुत्तहिद होने का बस एक ही वज़ह “La ilaha illallahu muhammadur rasulullah” ही है..

(Translation: Today, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Qatar, Kuwait, Libya, Oman, Bahrain, Afghanistan, all are together in the name of Huzur for the sake of their “Prophet Muhammad “. All for of ‘La ilaha illallahu muhammadur rasulullah’ #OurProphetOurHonour)

Here’s the link to the above post.


NewsMobile fact-checked the video and found that it had been shared with a false claim.

With the help of Reverse Image Search using the keyframes, we found the same video uploaded on a YouTube channel on January 4, 2021, with the caption, “Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi Chehlum | TLP Chehlum 2021.” As per the YouTube video, the visuals are from Lahore, Pakistan.

On checking further with relevant keywords, we found that the chief of Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP), Khadim Hussain Rizvi passed away on November 19, 2020. His Chehlum, which is a religious observance in Islam held 40 days after the death of a person, was observed on January 3, 2021, near Mosque Rehmatul Lil Alameen at Multan Road’s Battery Stop in Lahore. It was attended by thousands of people in Pakistan, which can be seen in the viral video.

NewsMobile debunked the same video in November 2021 when it was shared as a protest in Mumbai against Tripura violence.

Thus it is clear that the viral video is old and not linked to recent protests against BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma’s derogatory remarks.

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