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Fact Check: Paragliding Activity Videos From Egypt Viral As Footage Of Hamas Millitants Sliding Into Israel


Amid the Israel-Hamas war, Palestinian casualties exceeded previous Gaza wars, with over 2,329 reported deaths. In Israel, more than 1,300 people were killed, and 3,227 injured in Hamas attacks. Meanwhile, a video showing paragliders landing on a complex has gone viral on social media. Many people on social media claim that it is the footage of Hamas militants gliding into Israel before the attack. 

A Facebook user shared this video and wrote: “खतरा सर पर मंडरा रहा था, बंदूकों से लैस आतंकी जेहादी हमास मुस्लिम मोटर फिटेड ग्लाइडर से उतर रहे थे लेकिन पार्कों में जश्न मना रहे इजराली नागरिकों को लग रहा था कि ये कोई स्पोर्ट्स चल रहा है। वो सीटियां बजा रहे थे, वीडियो बना रहे थे , जब AK47 की तड़तड़ाहट शुरू हुई तो एक मिनट के लिए उन्हें कुछ समझ ही नही आया। देखते-देखते 250 से अधिक लोगों को मौत के घाट उतार दिया गया दुश्मन अभी आपको नहीं दिख रहा है लेकिन वो भी आपके सर पर मंडरा रहा है। पूरी दुनिया का यही हाल है, जोकि इस्लामिक आंतकवाद की हद को पहचान नहीं पा रही। अभी आप भी जश्न मना लो, अभी आपके सिर पर कोई पैराशूट थोड़ी उड़ रहा है। बस मोदी योगी के भरोसे बैठे रहो, जिस दिन वो हटे, ये डटे.” [English translation: Danger was looming, jihadis armed with guns, Hamas Muslims, were descending from motor-fitted gliders, but the Israeli citizens celebrating in the parks felt that this was some kind of sports going on. They were whistling and making videos, when the AK47 fire started, they could not understand anything for a minute. Within no time, more than 250 people were killed! The enemy is not visible to you right now but he is also hovering over your head. This is the condition of the entire world, which is unable to recognise the extent of Islamic terrorism. You, too, celebrate now, a parachute is flying over your head. Just keep relying on Modi Yogi, the day he moves away, they will stand firm.]

This Facebook post can be seen here.

It is being widely shared on Facebook and X with a similar claim.


NewMobile fact-checked the above claim, and found it to be false.

Running a Reverse Image Search of the video keyframes, our team found a similar video on YouTube, dated 29 September 2023, with a title: “Parachute forces in Heliopolis”. It is to be noted that Heliopolis is located in Cairo, Egypt.

On observing the video carefully, we found a person in the viral video wearing a cloth which reads: “EL NASR SC.” It is to be noted that Heliopolis is home to the El Nasr football club. We also geolocated the viral video to the football club’s location on Google Maps in Cairo. Similar paragliding activity videos from this club can be viewed here and here.

Thus, it is confirmed that the viral video is from Cairo, Egypt, and NOT related to the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict.

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