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Fact Check: Video Showing A TV Panellist Criticising Joe Biden In Front of First Lady Jill Biden Is Edited


A video featuring the First Lady of the United States, Jill Biden, with several interviewers is circulating on social media, suggesting that one of the panellists harshly questioned her.

As per the clip, during her appearance on The View — an American talk show, Jill Biden addressed concerns about President Joe Biden’s age in the context of the upcoming 2024 US presidential elections.

Jill Biden emphasised that age should not be an issue in the elections. She highlighted Biden’s positive qualities and stated that Americans have two choices, one of which she described as “chaos”. She expressed her belief that Americans would choose “good over evil”.

In response to her remarks, one panellist accused Biden of “demonizing” half of the country by targeting his political opponent. The panellist criticised Biden’s political career, arguing that he had no significant accomplishments to his name.

Content Creator Damon Imani further commented on Biden’s health, claiming that he was unwell and unable to perform tasks like walking and speaking independently. He said: “We all know Joe is not well, we all know he’s not in control and listen.”

The content creator concluded by condemning Jill Biden for allowing her husband to be treated like a puppet, stating, “Letting his handlers abuse him like a puppet, shame on you!”

Here’s the link to the above post. (Archive link)


NewsMobile fact-checked the above claim, and found it to be FALSE.

With a keyword search, the NM team discovered the original video of First Lady Jill Biden speaking to the hosts of The View on YouTube. The View, aired on the American Broadcasting Company (ABC), features a panel of women experts from various backgrounds discussing current and significant issues affecting people’s lives.

From the 4:02 mark, Jill Biden can be heard making the same statements as in the viral video. However, Imani does not appear in this footage. The First Lady was invited to discuss her book, Willow The White House Cat, on the show.

Another post by content creator Imani on the X account — Catch Up — carries a clip that matches with the viral video.

According to his website, Imani is an Iranian content producer based in Denmark. He creates digitally-edited content related to current events, news videos, and social issues, known for his satirical style.

Thus, we can conclusively say that the viral video showing a TV panellist criticising Joe Biden in front of First Lady Jill Biden is digitally manipulated.

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