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Fact Check : Viral Post Claiming ‘Relaunch’ Of Agnipath Scheme Is Fake


Social media users have shared a post allegedly announcing the “relaunch” of the Agnipath scheme for recruitment into the Indian armed forces by the newly sworn-in Modi government. It claims that due to widespread demands for changes, the “Agnipath scheme will be changed to the Sainik Saman scheme after reviews.” The document outlines supposed changes, such as extending the service period from four to seven years, increasing the training period from 24 to 42 weeks, and providing pensions to the families of deceased soldiers.

The Agnipath scheme, introduced in June 2022 for recruiting youth into the Indian Armed Forces, allows candidates, known as “Agniveers”, to serve for four years, with up to 25% of them being selected for regular positions. The scheme had sparked protests across the country, with military aspirants demanding its repeal.

The post reads: Agneepath scheme replaced with Sainik Samman Scheme, 2024, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh relaunched Agniveer scheme. Rajnath Singh Lucknow
#AgnipathScheme #SainikSammanScheme#RelaunchedAgnipathScheme“.

Here is the link to the above post. (Archive)


NewsMobile fact-checked the claim, and found it to be False.

Upon careful analysis of the viral post, the NM team observed that it neither carried an official letterhead nor was signed by any competent authority. Additionally, the text contained multiple grammatical and spelling errors. For example, the scheme name “Agnipath” is misspelled as “Aganipath”. The word “permanent” is misspelled as “parmanent”, “pension” is spelled as “pantion”, “guaranteed” is misspelled as “gurnted”, and “lakhs” is misspelled as “lacks”. These errors confirm that the document is not authentic.

The PIB Fact Check, in an X post, dated June 16, 2024, states: “A #fake WhatsApp message claims that the Agnipath scheme has been re-launched as ‘Sainik Saman Scheme’ after review with several changes, including duty period, being extended to 7 years, 60% permanent staff & increased income. GOI has taken no such decision.”

Our team could not find any credible reports about the government relaunching the “Sainik Samman/Saman Scheme”. The official social media handles of the Defence Ministry have also not carried any such announcement.

Nitish Kumar-led JD(U), a crucial ally of the BJP in the recently formed Modi 3.0 government, reportedly seeks a review of the Agnipath scheme. K.C. Tyagi, a party leader, emphasised that while they have extended unconditional support to the BJP, they want the government to address the criticisms of the scheme in detail.

Tyagi was quoted by The Hindu as saying: “A section of voters has expressed dissatisfaction with the Agniveer scheme. Our party wants these criticisms to be thoroughly discussed and addressed.”

He clarified that his remarks align with the stance articulated by Rajnath Singh on several occasions, emphasising the periodic review of the scheme to identify and rectify any shortcomings.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the government has not made any official announcement regarding changes to the Agnipath scheme. The viral document claiming the relaunch of the Agnipath scheme as the Sainik Saman scheme is fabricated.

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