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Anchor gets an exotic bird brightening her day, find out how!


Television has since the very beginning been unpredictable.

And what could come your way while presenting the news live is hard to gauge and it’s not always serious. A recent example is when KFMB anchor Nichelle Medina was preparing to take a break before going into the next segment, her ‘next guest’ decided to crash in and extend some air time.

For Zoo Day, Medina and her co-host Eric Kahnert were teasing the upcoming Zoo Day piece on their show, when a scarlet ibis from the San Diego Zoo made an early entrance. The exotic pink bird named Sophie swooped in and stole the show by sitting on Medina’s head! But being a seasoned presenter, the news anchor maintained her calm and played it really cool on live TV, while her co-anchor couldn’t stop laughing.

The footage went viral quickly on Twitter and on YouTube with thousands sharing the small clip and lauding Medina for maintaining her calm.

Watch the video here:

Mr Kahnert posted a longer version of the #BirdBlooper and the segment featuring the gorgeous ibis on YouTube.


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