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Italian PM Meloni Affirms G7’s Commitment To Global South Dialogue


Apulia: The G7 Summit commenced in Italy with a significant focus on global cooperation and dialogue, as Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni highlighted the strategic choice of Apulia as the summit’s venue. Emphasising Italy’s intention to strengthen ties with nations from the Global South.

In her opening remarks during the summit’s first session, Meloni emphasised the G7’s indispensable role in managing global crises that pose threats to freedom and democracies worldwide.

The decision to host the summit in Apulia, a region in southern Italy, was deliberate, according to Prime Minister Meloni, who highlighted its symbolic significance. This choice, she explained, reflects Italy’s commitment under its presidency to deepen engagement with countries of the Global South. The G7 leaders convened to discuss pressing global issues, including economic recovery post-pandemic, climate action, and strengthening international cooperation amidst geopolitical challenges.

Meloni emphasized the inclusive nature of the G7, rejecting the idea of isolationism. She stressed that the G7 is not a closed entity but a platform to promote shared development and growth globally. The summit’s agenda includes critical issues such as the ongoing crises in Ukraine and the Middle East, emphasizing the importance of international collaboration in resolving these conflicts.

Meloni highlighted that under Italy’s presidency, the G7 intends to build on previous efforts to ensure global security and stability, including addressing challenges posed by generative AI. She also discussed the need to harness AI’s potential while managing its risks responsibly. The summit also aims to enhance engagement with the Indo-Pacific region, reflecting growing geopolitical importance in global affairs.

The Italian presidency also decided to give special attention to another continent, which is fundamental to the future, Africa, with its opportunities. “This requires a different approach than we’ve shown in the past. Often Africa is linked to another issue, not just Africa, which is the issue of migration and the worrying dimension,” Meloni said.

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