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Newsmobile EIC Saurabh Shukla On Why The first Presidential Debate Between Biden And Trump Matters.


Washington, DC: President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump will face off in the highly anticipated first presidential debate of the 2024 election. Hosted by CNN, this event marks the first time either candidate has appeared on a debate stage since 2020.

Speaking about the debate, NewsMobile Editor-in-Chief Saurabh Shukla emphasised that it is pivotal in setting the agenda for American voters and defining the key issues of the election.

“This debate will set out the agenda in front of the American voters of what this election is all about,” Shukla stated.

The NewsMobile Editor-In-Chief further stated that one of the main topics expected to take center stage is illegal immigration. Former President Trump has consistently criticised the Biden administration’s handling of border security and immigration policies.

“Issues like illegal immigration, economy, will be highlighted by Donald Trump,” said the Editor-In-Chief. Trump’s campaign is expected to highlight what they perceive as shortcomings in Biden’s handling of these critical areas, aiming to sway undecided voters, particularly in tightly contested swing states.

On the other hand, President Biden is anticipated to focus on his administration’s achievements and policies that have sought to strengthen democracy. “He has been preparing with his aides not very far away from where I am in Camp David. He will be focusing on the fact that under President Biden, you have a presidency which has obviously made sure that democracy is at the center of the US presidency,” noted Shukla.

The NewsMobile EIC highlighted that the outcome of this debate holds significant weight, particularly in a closely contested election where swing states play a pivotal role. The performance of each candidate on the debate stage could sway undecided voters and solidify support among their respective bases, making this event a critical juncture in the 2024 election cycle.

Biden, And Trump‘s Presidential Debate: All You Need To Know

  • President Biden and former President Donald Trump’s debate is set to take place at CNN’s Atlanta studios, with no studio audience present to allow the candidates to fully utilize their allotted debate time, the network announced.
  • This exclusive event will exclude all other candidates, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who did not meet CNN’s criteria by the June 20 deadline. CNN’s requirements mandated candidates to achieve at least 15% support in four national polls and secure sufficient ballot access across states to potentially win 270 Electoral College votes necessary for victory.
  • The upcoming debate between President Biden and former President Donald Trump at CNN’s Atlanta studios is set to last 90 minutes, featuring two commercial breaks. According to CNN, campaign staff will not be permitted to engage with the candidates during these breaks, ensuring that Biden and Trump have an uninterrupted platform to discuss key issues without external influence or feedback from their aides.
  • Biden and Trump have also confirmed an additional debate scheduled for September 10, hosted by ABC News. The agreement came swiftly after the Biden campaign proposed two debates to be hosted by various news organisations last month. While the Trump campaign initially sought more than two events, they ultimately accepted the proposed schedule.
  • According to CNN, a vice presidential debate is being considered for either July 23rd or August 13th. The Biden campaign has accepted CBS News’ invitation for Vice President Kamala Harris to participate, citing her availability on those dates. The Trump campaign, although yet to announce a running mate, has also been invited to participate in the debate.

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