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UK Elections 2024: Rishi Sunak Resigns, Apologises To The Nation


The outgoing British Prime Minister has delivered his resignation speech outside 10 Downing Street, following the results of the general elections 2024.

Rishi Sunak told the country, “ I am sorry” as he conceded defeat and said that he had given his “all” to being the Prime Minister but voters had sent a “clear signal that the government of the UK must change.”

He also said, “ I have heard your anger, your disappointment, and I take responsibility for this loss” after the Tories crashed to their worst-ever election defeat.

The Labour Party secured a landslide victory in the UK General Elections. It’s a substantial loss for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Conservatives.

Outgoing Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said, “ it has been a difficult night”, conceding defeat.

It is a historic mandate for Starmer and the most severe defeat for the Conservatives in 14 years.

After Sunak tendered his resignation to the king, the new Prime Minister elect, Keir Starmer arrived at the King’s palace. Following his party’s landslide victory, the Labour leader will accept King Charles III’s request to form a government. In a ceremony known as the “kissing of hands,” Starmer will officially become prime minister and then proceed to his official residence at Number 10 Downing Street.

The main political parties competing in the election included the Conservative Party led by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, the Labour Party led by Keir Starmer, the Liberal Democrats led by Ed Davey, Reform UK led by Nigel Farage, the Scottish National Party (SNP) led by John Swinney, and the Green Party co-led by Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay.





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