Unique Christmas Traditions From Around The World


The holiday spirit is upon us. As Christmas is just a few days away, we all can feel the joyous, happy vibe in the air. Preparations are in full swing, and plans have been made. And don’t you think it should be like that, decorating the Christmas tree, baking Christmas cookies, and opening presents together? Isn’t this pretty much the tradition of how all of us celebrate Christmas? Well, the answer is no.

Different countries and different communities from across the globe celebrate Christmas but with their own unique traditions. It is not just limited to decorating a Christmas tree or opening presents together, it’s much more than that. Here’s a list of unique Christmas traditions from across the globe.

  • Japan: Even though Christmas is a national holiday in Japan, but it is celebrated as a time of holiday cheer and joy. However, to mark the celebrations of Christmas, Japan has a tradition of eating a bucket of fried chicken on Christmas eve. And that’s not eating, it has to be specifically from KFC, thanks to the joint’s successful marketing campaign back in the 1970s. Since then it has become a Christmas tradition.
  • Iceland: Did you know Iceland has its own version of Santa Claus? the characters go by the name of Yule Lads. But there’s a twist to it, unlike the fact that we have just one Santa, these Yule Lads are 13 in number. Each of them has a very distinct personality. The tradition usually involves these Lads playing some tricks and leaving gifts in shoes left on window sills.
  • Ukraine: Spider webs play a very significant role in Christmas celebrations in Ukraine. It’s customary for people in Ukraine to adorn the Christmas tree with a spider web as a form of decoration. Ukrainians, today use spider web-shaped ornaments to decorate their trees, in inorder to attract good luck.
  • Finland: Well, an interesting twist to the Christmas celebrations. The celebrations would be considered incomplete in Finland without visiting the sauna on Christmas Eve. It is a thousand-year-old tradition in Finland, where family members especially get together for a relaxing sauna before leaving for their Christmas Eve prayer.
  • Australia: December officially marks the start of the summer season in Australia. And the Australians have their own unique way of celebrating Christmas. Friends and family members get together on beaches for picnics and barbecues. Spotting a Santa on a surfboard in Australia during Christmas is a very common sight as well.


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