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US Presidential Debate Decoded: Biden Stumbles, Trump Gains; EIC Saurabh Shukla’s Analysis


Washington, DC: In a significant political event, Democratic President Joe Biden and his Republican contender, former President Donald Trump, confronted each other in a presidential debate on Thursday night. This debate offered a unique spectacle for voters, showcasing the two oldest presidential candidates in U.S. history side by side.

Talking about the first presidential debate, NewsMobile Editor-in-Chief Saurabh Shukla critiqued President Joe Biden’s performance, labeling it as “very feeble” and potentially damaging for the Democratic Party. The debate, during which former President Donald Trump strongly asserted his positions, has raised questions about Biden’s viability as a candidate. Shukla noted that while Biden aimed to appeal to the general public, the contrast with Trump’s more dynamic presence was stark.

“I can tell you that this was really a very feeble performance by President Biden and it will certainly hurt the Democratic Party. On the issue of Donald Trump, yes, he played to the gallery and he played it well yesterday,” Shukla stated.

“What I’m gathering is that Democratic Party may have to look for a different candidate, because certainly they know that with President Biden as a candidate, there is a huge contrast which emerged from the debate yesterday, and they don’t have a winning candidate at this moment,” the NewsMobile EIC added.

EIC Shulka highlighted that one notable aspect of the debate was President Trump’s moderated stance on the abortion issue, which is a significant concern for many women across the United States. This shift could potentially broaden his appeal among undecided voters.

Additionally, Trump had earlier announced his support for skilled immigration, including the issuance of green cards to university graduates. This position is of particular importance to Indian Americans and other immigrant communities who contribute significantly to the U.S. economy.

The NewsMobile Editor-in-Chief expressed concern about the impact of the debate on undecided voters. The worry is that many may choose to abstain from voting altogether, which could significantly alter the outcome of the election. The race to secure 270 electoral votes is tight, and the participation of these voters could be crucial.

The NM EIC Shukla highlighted that despite President Trump’s strong debate performance, his ongoing legal challenges remain a potential hurdle, these court cases could influence voter perception and have a significant impact on the election. The outcome of these legal battles could shape the narrative in the final months of the campaign.

Shukla underscored the global implications of the U.S. presidential election, emphasising that the world’s greatest democracy has a profound influence on international affairs. As the election season progresses, the choices made by American voters will have far-reaching consequences not only domestically but also on the global stage. The intertwined nature of the world today means that the outcome of this election will be closely watched by nations around the globe.

“American voters have a difficult choice because this is the world’s greatest democracy, a country on which the future of the world in many ways depends, as we are in a globally intertwined world,” the NewsMobile EIC said.

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