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War Cannot Solve Problems: PM Modi To Putin During Bilateral Meet


Moscow: In his opening remarks during the bilateral meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his appreciation for the India-Russia cooperation that has played a crucial role in averting food, fuel, and fertilizer shortages for Indians in recent years.

Talking about the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war PM Modi stressed that there is no solution in the battlefield, PM Modi said, “As a friend, I have always said that for the future of our new generation, peace is the most important thing. But I also know that there is no solution in the battlefield. Peace talks do not succeed between bombs, guns and bullets. And we have to use the means of talks to adopt the path of peace.”

PM Modi also raised the issue of killings of children during conflicts and said it is “heart-wrenching” when innocent children die. The Prime Minister said that everyone who believes in humanity is hurt when there is a loss of lives.

“Be it war, conflicts, terror attacks – everyone who believes in humanity is pained when there is loss of lives. But when innocent children are murdered, when we see innocent children dying, it is heart-wrenching. That pain is immense. I also held a detailed discussion with you over this,” PM Modi said during the meeting.

PM Modi also condemned the terror attack in Russia’s Dagestan, terming it “horrible and disgusting”, and highlighted India has been facing the menace for over 40 years.

“In the last 40-50 years, India has been facing terrorism. How horrible and disgusting terrorism is, we have been facing for the last 40 years. So, when terror incidents occurred in Moscow, when terror incidents occurred in Dagestan, I can imagine how deep its pain would be. I strongly condemn all kinds of terrorism,” he further said.

He noted that the talks between the two nations have been going on for 25 years. However, the entire world is focused on his visit to Russia.

PM Modi said, “The bilateral talks between the two nations have been going on for 25 years. We have met 22 times. This is such a meeting that the focus of the entire world is on this visit of mine. The entire world is drawing out different meanings of this visit.”

PM Modi also discussed ways to diversify cooperation between the two nations in various sectors like trade, commerce, security, agriculture, technology, commerce and innovation.

The Prime Minister lauded the fuel agreement between the two countries, saying it had helped bring stability to the global market.

“There was a great challenge of fuel before the world. At a time like this, with your cooperation, we were able to save the common public from difficulties pertaining to petrol-diesel. Not only this, the world will have to accept that the agreement regarding fuel between India and Russia, indirectly gave market stability in the world,” he said.

PM Modi thanked President Putin for praising ‘Make in India’ initiative and helping in expanding manufacturing opportunities in India.

“As a friend, you have praised our ‘Make in India’ initiative at multiple forums…you have also taken steps to promote manufacturing in India. This has created new opportunities for youth and opened new arenas of development,” he added.


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