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Family Affair On Koffee Couch As Kareena, Alia Appear On KWK


Seems like this new season of Koffee With Karan (KWK) is all about fresh pairings, the kind of guest duos which are unconventional but still so relatable in their ways. And staying true to that vibe, the guests of the 4th episode of KWK were the sister-in-laws Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor Khan giving us all tea on their babies, their married life and so much more.

Highlights of the episode:

Baby Raha, the light of Alia and Ranbir’s lives: The show began with talking about the newest addition to the Kapoor Khandaan, baby Raha. Talking about her baby girl with absolute love Alia said, ‘She is great, healthy, happy, sunshine, light of our lives.’ Later the actress also shared her favorite thing to do with her baby. She revealed ‘My favourite thing to do with her is making her point to ‘Where’s Raha’: Then she points to her. ‘Where’s mamma’? Then she points at me. ‘Where’s papa’? Then she points at her papa. It feels so nice to just engage, interact and see how is she responding and learning often I just sit with her in the morning whenever there’s nobody there and I sit with her on my lap and talk with her about how I feel, what I wish for her.’ Baby girls are their father’s favourite and Alia just proved that when she said, ‘He’s like deeply, madly truly in love right now with her. Sometimes he’s staring at her, he’s troubling her, playing games with her. In the beginning, he was a burp specialist. He wants to be involved in every single thing.’

All about Kareena’s three favourite boys: Later in the episode Kareena talked about her two sons Taimur and Jeh, how the two boys are so different from each other and how Saif has found his footing as a father after they had Taimur. Kareena said, ‘I think so because I think he has a lot of time now because back then he was working so much. Of course, Tim is lovely but he’s a lot more quieter than Jeh. Jeh is like a complete toofan mail like me. It’s like the whole house is upside down.

Jeh and Raha’s playdate: We are all ready and eyes for future BFFs of Tinseltown after Alia Bhatt shared this cute anecdote. She shared, ‘One time I brought Raha to your house (Kareena) for a playdate and Jeh was just going on bringing his toys and handing them over to her and then taking them away and running away. So Saif was like, ‘You can’t just give it to her and take it back. This is your sister.’

Alia’s take on Ranbir called toxic: For the last year, every time Alia spoke about Ranbir or they appeared together for an interview, something or the other went viral but for all the wrong reasons, labelling Ranbir as the most toxic man ever. Here’s what Alia Bhatt had to say on that, ‘I have a very candid way of speaking. I like to imitate the person whom I’m talking about, I like to make it personal and I feel a lot of the things get picked out of context which happened recently with a video and stuff. I was looking and I was like ‘Okay it’s fine, let it go.’ But then there were serious articles talking about how he is a toxic man and I am like, ‘Are we serious’? There are many issues in the world to talk about and give more attention towards than talking about something that I said in a completely different context. I feel bad if people misunderstand because he’s genuinely the opposite.

Did you know about this tiff between Kareena and Ameesha Patel: Have heard about so many tensions between many leading ladies, but this one was totally new. KJo asked Kareena why didn’t she attend Gadar’s success party. To which Kareena replied, ‘I was not in town.’ Responding to which Karan instantly said, ‘Because you and Ameesha Patel have such a history? You meant to do Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai and she’s gone on record saying, ‘Thank you Kareena, you made me do it.’ Bebo trying to take the higher road, said, ‘”I think films are destiny. Everyone went on to do their best and that’s it.



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