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Inviting foreigners to your wedding in India: Is it a new trend?


Indian weddings ooze world famous charm, grandeur, and luxury. How about inviting unknown guests from around the world to attend your wedding and charging them a cost for witnessing the celebrations?

Wedding tourism in India is becoming increasingly popular as many foreigners are eager to received invites and attend weddings in India, especially at exclusive destinations. The wedding traditions and rituals of India exhibit the rich heritage of the country. Owing to distinct and unique celebrations and religions ceremonies revolving around the weddings, the occasions become immensely exciting.

While, on one hand, weddings are grand and magnificent, with the best hotels, venues, locations, or palaces chosen, there are some simple weddings as well such as traditional temple weddings with smaller functions and more traditional rituals.

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With wedding tourism, one can realize that a wedding ceremony in India is celebrated with full glitz and spirit and the customs and rituals are an integral part of an Indian wedding. There are a myriad of pre-wedding, wedding, and post-wedding rituals and ceremonies to enhance the charm of the main day. Most of the traditions include a priest to chant the auspicious verses followed by the blessings of the families.

Foreigners travelling to India to witness a wedding can enjoy to the fullest and get the first-hand experience of weddings right from planning to arrangements and ceremonies. Besides fun, wedding tourism is also an upcoming business as the couples and their families can charge money from the unknown visitors for being a part of their wedding.

Similar to leisure travel, wedding travel is also chargeable and one can invite anywhere from two to multiple guests. The average cost for one person attending a wedding could start from Rs. 20,000.

Other inclusions of wedding travel are accommodation, access to all functions and ceremonies, fully guided events by a family member of friend of the wedding couple explaining all the rituals in detail. Tourists can come dressed in traditional ethnic attires, taste the decadent food and drinks served, dance to the riveting Bollywood tunes, and mingle with the guests to know more people.

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