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Rose to Propose Day: Valentine’s in the age of memes


In the day and age where digital and virtual world rules the lives of Gen Z and the Millennial, the run-up to Valentine’s and the so-and-so days is another opportunity to turn the celebration of love into a full-blown meme party.

While some have vowed to remain ‘Forever single’ and don’t like to participate in the galore that surrounds this ‘Day of Love’, others are geared up to uphold the tradition to follow the week-long list of days to the T. For some it means that the silent glances and coy smiles will take the shape of expressions with roses, chocolates, teddy bears and if all goes well end up exchanging more than glances – numbers, hugs or kisses. While others might exchange nothing more than awkward conversations in a brazen attempt to achieve the set-out goal to ‘Just get a date for Valentines.’

No matter whether you successfully finish the task of finding your mate or engage in mushy love with your soulmate, one thing that’s common for all – memes and jokes.

Brace yourself, it has begun 

I dare you to try this 

There is always this one guy!


Who did this?

Everything is fair in love and war?

While in some parts of India 

When she doesn’t accept your proposal 

Can’t agree more 

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