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This startup is here to give you experiential homestay experience


New Delhi: Travel is food for the soul. It is through the travelling experiences that we learn something new about the world and our place in it. Everyone wants to take a break from their monotonous, stressful lives and catch a few moments of peace, adventure and novelty. Travelling offers that and much more.

One of the topmost priorities for those planning a vacation is comfortable accommodation. In the day and age of the internet, browsing for hotels which match your needs and budget is rather child’s play. However, it is only recently that travellers have negotiated with themselves to choose experience and uniqueness over the structure and commercial setup of a hotel. Travellers looking to experience the local flavour and culture are cosying up to the idea of choosing Holidays homes or Homestays.

Homestays are ideal for travellers who enjoy exploring remote, less travelled locales, away from the bustle and chaos of the city, yet staying close enough to places of interest. Hotels definitely cater to your demands and treat you like royalty, but do you really learn anything worthwhile?

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Delhi based travel startup MyTravelPie, strives to offer extraordinary managed stays with verified amenities to travellers looking for exclusive experiences across India. Extensive travelling across the country made Co-founder and Director of MyTravelPie, Ishank Ahuja realize that people everywhere are no longer looking for another place to spend the night but for exclusive experiences which are not easily available.

After meeting hundreds of Indian hosts and thousands of travellers, he found out that the problem consisted of 4 primary factors – trust, safety, quality standards and online presence. MyTravelPie caters to people looking for comfort, uniqueness, experience and exclusivity. MyTravelPie moves beyond just providing Homestays but experiential stays. You can choose from a wide range of experiential stay types from offbeat Homestays and cozy Boutique Cottages to Farm Stays, Heritage Stays, Jungle Lodges, Campsites, Houseboats, Pool Villas and Treehouses.

Each MyTravelPie Exclusive Stay embodies the local flavour and has a strong unique personality of its own. They are located in some of the most picturesque and unchartered locations across India. All the basic amenities and matters of comfort are taken care of by trained and employed locals, from preparing lip-smacking local delicacies to guiding your way around town. From the humble beginnings of 1 MyTravelPie Exclusive Stay in 2016 they have reached 15 this year. A barbecue evening, a hillside picnic lunch, a guided walk through a nearby village or tea with locals; MyTravelPie Exclusive Stays offer unique add-on experiences that make your stay worthwhile.

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“At present, we have about 15 MyTravelPie Exclusive Stays that we manage and over 300 unique experiential stays listed on the website. Our main aim currently is to upgrade the quality standard and experiences at our MyTravelPie Exclusive Stays. This number will increase from 15 to at least 120 MyTravelPie Exclusives Stays (in/around Himachal, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Goa) over the next 01 year and to 1200 over the next 3 – 4 years and later we will be targeting other neighbouring countries such as Sri Lanka, Nepal, Indonesia, Thailand etc,” said Ishank Ahuja.

In life, wealth can be calculated by the number of experiences, memories and friends you have earned. Hotels provide equal treatment to all their guests, from the food to the room service, they follow a strict rulebook, one for all. Homestays provide you with the luxury of personalisation, customisation and opportunities to learn and discover on your own while making bonds that last for a lifetime.


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