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WATCH: Hina Khan’s Mother Weeps As She Cuts Her Hair Amid Cancer Treatment


Despite facing numerous challenges, Hina Khan is showing immense strength in her battle against breast cancer. Recently, the actress shared a glimpse of her first chemotherapy session immediately after attending an award show. She has now made the courageous decision to cut her hair before it starts falling out due to radiation.

In a heartfelt video, she described the emotional moment, mentioning her mother’s poignant reaction in Kashmiri as she prepared herself to witness such a difficult sight. She acknowledged the emotional turmoil that accompanies losing one’s hair, especially for women who often view it as a crown they never take off. Despite this, Hina emphasized her determination to win her battle against cancer, choosing to prioritize her health and courage over her physical appearance.

She expressed her decision to use her hair to create a wig for herself during this phase, emphasizing that while hair will grow back and scars will fade, her spirit must remain strong. Hina recorded her journey to inspire others facing similar challenges, hoping her story would provide comfort and support to those in need.

Throughout her ordeal, Hina expressed deep gratitude to her support system, including her family and close friends, who have stood by her side unwaveringly. She concluded with a plea for prayers for strength and healing.

Last month, Hina Khan bravely shared that she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, marking the beginning of her challenging journey.

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