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We don’t have to tell you that daily life, much like the universe itself, is full of esoteric mysteries and questions that seem to have no answers. But we are here to unlock the secrets of the heavenly bodies. From love tofriendship to career and wellness goals. We show you what the stars have in store for you.


The week ahead could be frustrating, but it brings a chance to relax and wind down. You may notice a desire to rebel against the system, but you’d be better off finding a way to fulfill your desires while still maintaining a positive relationship with the laws of the country. Friday’s Solar Eclipse can encourage a spiritual breakthrough, enticing you to meditate regularly and watch your dreams. By doing so you may benefit more than you know.


Things to remember: Leave the legal and financial matters for others to handle.



Lucky Colour: Purple

Lucky Number: 9

Lucky Day: Thursday



Get ready for an upbeat social life with options for romance and a chance to hang out with the people you enjoy most. Although you might feel a tad anxious about an ongoing relationship, your best bet may be to let it go. Let it unfold as it will. You’ll release the charge around it and may even find that the problem melts away of its own accord. Friday’s Eclipse could coincide with key changes in your friendships and affiliations.


Things to remember: There’s a lot of miscommunication and misunderstanding with your closed ones, better solve your matters.

Lucky Colour: Cream

Lucky Number: 1

Lucky Day: Sunday



Don’t let a minor misunderstanding affect you early on. Stay positive and things should soon blow over between you. On another note, find the middle way between sharing too much information and being superficial. You don’t need to spill your secrets to everyone, only those you trust to keep them safe. When it comes to your career, this week’s Eclipse brings a chance to make a breakthrough. If you’re offered a golden opportunity, go for it.


Things to remember: There are unethical people around, and one of them may enter your circle, Beware!

Lucky Colour: Black

Lucky Number: 1

Lucky Day: Monday



You’ll need to decide how much to focus on your mission and purpose and how much to give in to another’s need for attention. One incident could make you aware of how much of your time you’ve given away and how little you’ve gotten in return. The move of Venus into your social sector brings options for warmth, romance, and fun. Friday’s Solar Eclipse could throw the spotlight on your beliefs and those areas where change could be positive.


Things to remember: Perhaps there are other things you could do with your life, keep searching for the right option.

Lucky Colour: Cream

Lucky Number: 2

Lucky Day: Saturday



Responsibilities may impede a desire for fun and adventure, which you’ll need to remedy. What you really need is balance – not too much of one or the other. It’s certainly a good time to study or consider making travel plans. Once Venus heads into Taurus you’ll be eager to reach out and connect with people who can help you with your professional aspirations. Friday’s Eclipse encourages you to come to grips with your finances to ease any associated anxiety.


Things to remember: You may have difficulty keeping your emotions in check, but you need to.  

Lucky Colour: Sky Blue

Lucky Number: 5

Lucky Day: Wednesday



Don’t be too quick off the mark regarding a purchase. It’s best not to buy on impulse. Besides, you may get more enjoyment from your money if you use it for leisure and recreation. Starting Tuesday the idea of getting away might appeal to you, especially if it offers the chance for a relaxing break. Friday’s Eclipse in Pisces could spotlight changes to a key relationship, moving it in a new and positive direction. A decision may need to be made over the weekend.


Things to remember: It’s always wonderful to talk to old friends, so kindly enjoy the moment.

Lucky Colour: White

Lucky Number: 8

Lucky Day: Sunday



You’ll be in the flow at work and at your creative best. Harness your imagination for success. An edgy transit suggests you should guard against letting someone disrupt your emotional foundations. Be strong! A Solar Eclipse in your work and lifestyle sector could coincide with events that encourage you to make a fresh start with your health or other routines or habits. It helps to know what you want this weekend, as sitting on the fence won’t work.


Things to remember: It’s time to put your mind to use and work on your own behalf.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Number: 5

Lucky Day: Monday



This week you have the option to review your thinking and consider whether or not it’s helping you achieve your goals. If not, think about replacing your negative thoughts with more upbeat versions. This will enhance your chances of success. Venus heads into Taurus on Tuesday, lighting up your relationship sector. Romance takes on a rosy and sensual glow! Friday’s Eclipse in Pisces could bring a new lover your way. Go easy, though. There’s no need to hurry!


Things to remember: Don’t overlook something that seems beyond your capabilities.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: 5

Lucky Day: Saturday



A focus on your leisure and pleasure sector encourages you to take it to the limit. But you need to balance this by thinking carefully about your financial situation and how much it might cost you. The move of Venus into your lifestyle sector might tempt you to overindulge, which could be frustrating if you’re on a diet. Friday’s Solar Eclipse might bring change to your home or family situation, giving you a chance for a positive new start.


Things to remember: Concentrate more on your personal life, rather than professional one.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: 6

Lucky Day: Tuesday



Self-doubt could be a problem early in the week, but you can overcome anything with a determined approach. Even so, you could resist changes within the home or family. It’s wise to be flexible, as this is a great time to make progress. Romance sparkles from Tuesday, when Venus glides into your pleasure sector to make for some divinely sensual encounters. Friday’s Solar Eclipse could pave the way for a new and very exciting career or business option.


Things to remember: Exercise or meditate as much as you can.


Lucky Colour: White

Lucky Number: 4

Lucky Day: Wednesday



Communication and interactions continue to be very important this week, bringing many opportunities for work, new business, and buying and selling. The only thing that could prevent you from getting ahead is the pattern of limitation within you. It’s time to become aware of it and let it go. A potent influence could encourage you to make changes to your financial situation, particularly if you’ve lost your way lately. Take time out to deeply relax when Venus enters Taurus.


Things to remember: Trust your insights.You know who can and who can’t be trusted.

Lucky Colour:  Pink

Lucky Number: 9

Lucky Day: Monday



Certain friends may no longer share your values, especially if yours have become more alternative or cutting edge. If this drives a wedge between you, it might be time to find people who understand you. Use your discrimination on Wednesday, when things may not be entirely clear cut. Friday’s Solar Eclipse in your sign brings the chance of a fresh new start in any area of life you choose. An opportunity may come your way that’s too good to resist.


Things to remember: Be sure to check the facts of any situation. Don’t take anyone’s word for anything. 

Lucky Colour: Black

Lucky Number: 3

Lucky Day: Tuesday



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