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H-1B Visas Holders Can Now Work And Live In Canada


New Delhi: In a strategic move to attract highly skilled workers and bolster its economy, Canada is now granting H-1B visa holders in the United States to work and live in Canada.

This groundbreaking initiative is expected to entice thousands of talented immigrants away from the US and offer them fresh opportunities in Canada.

Under the recently implemented policy, H-1B visa holders residing in the United States can now apply for an open work permit, granting them the ability to work in Canada for up to three years.

Notably, the application fee for this work permit is set at a reasonable $155, making it an affordable and accessible option for eligible applicants.

The launch of Canada’s dedicated website application for H-1B visa holders presents a tantalizing prospect for Indian immigrants who are eager to continue their professional journeys in a supportive and inclusive environment.

By extending the offer of an open work permit, Canada aims to retain highly skilled individuals and leverage their talents to drive economic growth across diverse sectors. One notable advantage of this initiative is that it allows successful applicants to bring their family members along, ensuring that Indian immigrants can embark on a new chapter in their lives while keeping their loved ones close, thereby fostering a sense of stability and security.

It is important to note that the work permit obtained through this program will expire simultaneously with the passport if the passport expires within three years. While an extension is not available under this specific program, alternative pathways may provide opportunities to prolong one’s stay in Canada.

This temporary policy will remain in effect for one year or until 10,000 applications have been received, whichever comes first. Prospective applicants are strongly encouraged to promptly submit their applications through the online portal provided by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Once the application is submitted, biometrics will be required, and the processing of the application will commence. Successful applicants will have the opportunity to contribute their skills and expertise to the Canadian workforce, thereby further enriching the nation’s multicultural fabric.

This initiative holds particular significance for Indian immigrants who hold H-1B Specialty Occupations visas. It comes at a time when the wait for a green card in the United States for Indian citizens has regressed, resulting in an extended waiting time of up to 10 years. Renowned for their expertise in various fields, Indian professionals have long made substantial contributions to the US economy. However, due to a variety of factors including immigration restrictions and uncertain policies, many have sought alternative avenues to pursue their careers and achieve stability for their families.


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