This wife went to her honeymoon without her hubby and it is going viral


A couple from Lahore, Huma Mobin and Arsalaan Sever Butt got married 7 months back and had been dating for 2 years before that. They love to travel together and were getting ready to go to Greece for their 2nd honeymoon when the husband’s visa got rejected.

Though Huma didn’t want to go for the trip without her love, but since it was already paid for, she ended up going with her in-laws.


She then decided to visit all the places that she was supposed to with Arsalaan, while she missed him at the same time.

Though she ended up making the best out of the void that “could-would have been” her husband,and took these adorably sad-funny pictures that are now making the whole of social media crack up in laughter and “awwws”.


In a funny twist of karma, she got this wonderfully tragic idea from her husband who had sent her a similar picture when he had gone to Budapest after their engagement.


Huma is a creative manager at ad agency, BBDO, while husband Arsalaan is an architect, and has his own firm.

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