Inside the war zone, pictures that tell a story

a lone soldier
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Kainoa Little, a Washington-based conflict photographer managed to capture raw moments in the lives of those in Mosul, while a gory battled raged on. In the midst of this inferno, he photographed the Iraqi forces fighting against the ISIS militants, refugees fleeing the site of battle and documented myriad details of their daily lives.

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Unfortunately, being a freelancer he was unable to find any newspaper or wired service that would purchase his photographs. However, a firm believer of the fact that these pictures have stories that deserve to be told, he published the photographs for free himself.


Picture courtesy: Kainoa Little

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His work can be found on his website, Facebook and Instagram as well.

West Mosul. April 8.

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These pictures and their captions by Kainoa Little reveal the distressing state of affairs caused by the years of war in this region.




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