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  • The business of IPL

    With the summer spectacle of cricket almost coming to an end with the final lined up now, the IPL has shown that the business of cricket has overtaken the game. With big ...

  • Congress needs a botox

    The State elections for West Bengal, Assam, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala had a big lesson for the Congress and murmurs of dissent are emerging. Rahul Gandhi needs t...

  • The Great wall of Divide

    China has deployed more troops on the Sino Indian boundary is not something that India can chose to ignore. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his security establishment sh...

  • The Prettiest Woman

    Julia Roberts was the Pretty Woman but she became the prettiest when she made a statement of principle at the ongoing Cannes Film Festival today. She walked the prestigio...

  • Mr CM focus on governance, not on name change

    The Central government’s decision to reject a proposal by Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar to change the name of Akbar Road to Maharana Pratap Road is a welcome step....

Humour Central

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Face off more

He first came into the spotlight when he kept on batting for Delhi in a Ranji trophy match even after hearing the news of his father’s death. Aggressive, tough and talented, he is a typical modern-day cr...


Thompson, Curry rally Warriors to force game 7 with Thunder

Klay Thompson and NBA Most Valuable Player Stephen Curry sparked a stunning fourth-quarter rally as Golden State beat host Oklahoma City 108-101 to avoid NBA playoff elimination. Thompson scored a career playoff high 41 points, including an NBA one-game playoff record 11 3-pointers in 18 attempts, and Curry added 29 points, 10 rebounds and nine …


Things you didn’t know about Sunny Leone

She broke the Internet and one of the most searched celeb on the net, we will tell you all about her that you didn’t know. She was born Karenjit Kaur Vohra better known by her stage name as ‘Sunny Leone‘. The Canadian Bollywood actress and model is a former porn star. Her first mainstream was …

  • Leonardo Da Vinci could write with one hand and draw with the other at the same time.
  • The last man to walk on the moon, Gene Cernan, promised his daughter he’d write her initials on the moon. He did, and her initials, “TDC.” Will probably be on the moon for tens of thousands of years.
  • If you were to remove all of the empty space from the atoms that make up every human on earth, the entire world population could fit into an apple.
  • In the 1960’s the CIA tried to spy on the Kremlin and Russian embassies by turning cats into listening devices. The program called, Acoustic Kitty, involved surgically implanting batteries, microphones and antennae inside cats.
  • The three wealthiest families in the world have more assets than the combined wealth of the forty-eight poorest nations.

Weekly Horoscope

  • Pisces

    You still have a competitive edge at work, which seems to be helping you make good progress. However, some of this could be undone if you misunderstand what's needed in a crucial situation. Be sure you're on the ball before you agree to anything or offer to help someone out. Saturn's move back into your career zone could bring you back down to earth. Over the weeks ahead you may feel a responsibility to achieve success regarding a meaningful ambition.

  • Aquarius

    Don't presume anything where your finances are concerned, as you could be wrong. An edgy alignment that spans your financial axis could see you making a purchasing or investment mistake. Ask the opinion of a friend or get some expert advice before you go ahead. Mercury's retrograde phase could affect travel plans, although any unexpected detours or delays might only add to your adventures! Just remember to keep your personal information and passport safe. Later, a social event could be a game changer.

  • Capricorn

    If you have anything important to sign, read the terms and conditions so you understand what's being offered. This week's blend of energies hints that you may be so enamored of an idea that you forget to note the practicalities, which could be vital. You'll do best if you get a second opinion or do more research. Mercury enters its retrograde phase in your career zone on Thursday, so there may be delays. However, they might work in your favour.

  • Sagittarius

    As Mars continues its journey through your travel and adventure sector, the desire for new experiences is very much alive. If you haven't made travel plans, you may be feeling restless. You'll also be more serious about your goals and plans and eager to turn them into reality as Saturn edges back into your sign. You'll be likelier to take off on a trip if it serves a purpose other than having fun. Later, an old friend may come back into the picture.

  • Scorpio

    Although you may feel that dating a certain person is a good idea, their practical take on the situation could reveal that it isn't. It's even possible that you'd have a better relationship if you remained friends. This week's alignment suggests you could have stars in your eyes, but that you could quickly come down to earth. Saturn's move into your financial sector can make you a lot more business like about money. A desire to increase your income might see you making plans.

  • Libra

    Rather than working hard and not getting too much done, you might find it better to take time out to relax. You'll be more productive if you get the rest you need. Mercury turns retrograde in your sign from Thursday and remains so fofr approximately three weeks. Back up important information and check that your antivirus software is up to date. Saturn heads into Sagittarius on that same day, which means finances may soon begin to improve.

  • Virgo

    If you're uncertain about what you feel for another, or vice versa, do nothing. This week's Jupiter/Neptune alignment could encourage you to fantasize and put someone on a pedestal. By taking the time to know the person better, you'll realize they have flaws just like everyone else. However, the flaws might endear him or her to you even more! Saturn's move into Sagittarius can set the wheels of progress turning at home. You may be eager to get organized or start on major projects.

  • Leo

    You may be tempted to make a purchase or business decision that isn't right for you. If someone tries to manipulate you into buying or signing, don't let them! Take the time to research your options and find out if there are better ones out there. You could save yourself a lot of time and money. Saturn hikes back into your romance and creativity zone, which could see you eager to excel at a hobby or sport even if it means more hard work.

  • Cancer

    There's a chance of mixed messages as a dreamy blend of energies suggests that you may have your head in the clouds. This can be great for brainstorming and coming up with some fabulous ideas, but it might not be so helpful if you have deadlines or targets to reach. Daily exercise might help you get grounded, enabling you to focus and concentrate better. Mercury rewinds in your home zone from Thursday, so avoid committing to remodeling projects or purchasing big-ticket items for now.

  • Gemini

    Getting your work/life balance right could be crucial, as you may be putting too much emphasis on one and not enough on the other. Only you know what works best for you. If you have unrealistic expectations of yourself, you'll only end up feeling exhausted. Take a look at your plans and goals and eliminate any that aren't urgent or truly necessary. Mercury rewinds in your romance sector from Thursday, so be prepared for a few delays. Go with the flow!

  • Taurus

    A romantic opportunity could seem too good to miss, but don't rush into anything too quickly. Although there's a heady, mysterious atmosphere encouraging you to surrender to the moment, think about the consequences before you go forward. Get to know the person better before you get too serious. Saturn's move into Sagittarius could encourage you to tackle any problems associated with finances and resources. Business matters need a practical strategy and careful handling. Creative hobbies can be therapeutic!

  • Aries

    Although you're all geared up for action, you need to tread with care this week, as there's the potential for confusion and misunderstandings. Jupiter's link to Neptune will certainly enhance your imagination, but you might find it hard to concentrate. You'll need to pay attention to details and manage your time for things to go as planned. If you're artistic, inspiration could come your way. There's plenty of potential for romance - and options for fun - if you need a light-hearted diversion.

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