Valentine’s day 2018: Quirky and alternative date ideas

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You’re probably aware that Wednesday is Valentine’s Day and even though it comes up in the middle of the week, we ought to celebrate it with our loved one.

Going out to dinner and a movie with a significant other is very nice. But it’s also something literally everyone has done before.

This year, break with tradition and consider one of these alternative date ideas.

Cook at home together

Let’s face it, most restaurants are overpriced. They can also be stressful, especially when every other couples are literally competing for a table.

So, instead of waiting along you could cook your favourite meals together and then enjoy it with the light breeze in the February chill. Even if one of you is the cook for the day, the support and company of each other is the one thing that matters.

Watch the Winter Olympics

Wouldn’t you know it, some sports will be taking place on Valentine’s Day.

We usually don’t choose to think about any kind of athletic events ever, but watching the olympics with your special someone with a bucket of popcorn is ideal for a Wednesday night and the mid week crisis that we all usually have.

Watch a movie under the stars

If you must insist on going to a movie like the world’s most basic couple, why not do it out in the open?

Assuming it doesn’t rain, there are several open air theatres that you could go for or you could choose to watch a movie on your laptop on the terrace and it would indeed become the memory of a lifetime. You could get a takeout of a burger or just a pizza, and that would indeed be special only if we are able to witness stars in the sky.

Dance the night away

If you are one of those deeply odd people, you might like to consider dragging your other half out to an event where you can show off your skills in a tenuously romantic setting. Go clubbing and even though there might be overpriced but dance is always worth it and especially when your life revolves around it.

Recreate your first date 

First dates may be awkward but they can be incredibly special. Go in rewind mode and recreate the scene of your first date. Take your partner to the place — bar, eatery, home, park, cinema theatre— or add elements from that date. You can cook a preparation that you tried on your first date, or rent the same movie you watched on your first date.

Make your own chocolate

Did you know that chocolate is the symbol of love?

This activity combines all the best things about relationships: chocolate, teamwork, chocolate, trying new things, being together and chocolate.

If you melt together cocoa butter, cocoa powder, coconut oil and some kind of sweetener, you can create your very own hand-crafted chocolate which you can then add fun things to, like peanuts or Oreos, or raisins if you’re a psychopath.

This is good for vegans and anyone who gets a bit squeamish reading the ingredients in most commercially-produced chocolate.

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Netflix and kill your brain cells

Netflix’s genres range far and wide.

Murder mysteries are good for date nights, preferably a miniseries set in either a bleak Scandinavian landscape or a bleak English town.

Michael Bolton’s Big, Sexy Valentine’s Day Special was released a year ago and has not received the acclaim it deserves, so its highly recommended. You could go for romantics like Before Sunrise or better just watch Pretty Woman, yet again!

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Do share your experiences and plans of this Mid-Week happiness and let’s all make this a valentine to remember.




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