Fact Check: Old Video Falsely Linked to Recent Arrest of Andrew Tate in Romania


Online influencer and former kickboxer Andrew Tate was arrested in Romania, along with his brother, over a rape and human trafficking case. The brothers have been under the authorities’ radar since April 2022, alongside two Romanian nationals, for allegedly exploiting a group of women to create pornographic content and publishing it on particular websites. 

Against this backdrop, a viral video showing an interview with Tate is doing the rounds on social media. In the clip, he tells the show host that he was swatted and released after one hour of investigation. Users have shared the video claiming the same. 

A Facebook user posted the viral video with a caption: 

Ps: I’ve never personally cared for the Andrew tate dude BUT Fact is; He was #swatted.. ie someone called the US embassy & reported him for false crimes claiming there were women being held against their will; so the swat team would raid him; coincidentally just moments within him taunting UN “young leader“ GretaThunberg ;he was released within 1 hour with no charges.#FactsMatter

You can check the post here.


NewsMobile fact-checked the viral video, and found it to be misleading.

In the clip, we can see Tucker Carlson mentioned at the top left corner of the Fox News channel. Looking for the interview on YouTube channel, we found a video titled: Andrew Tate & Tucker Carlson Aug 25 2022, published on August 26, 2022, on an unverified channel named Carlprit. The segment from 5:45 to 7:12 matches exactly with the viral video.

This indicates that the viral clip is from August 2022, and not recent. Searching further, we traced a Facebook post dated August 26, 2022 on the official verified handle of the show Tucker Carlson Tonight. Here too, we can see the segment from 4:57 to 6:25 match with the viral clip. Also, a Romanian court had extended the detention of Tate brothers by another 30 days.

Therefore, we can conclusively say that the viral video is misleading as it has nothing to do with the recent arrest of Andrew Tate.

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