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World Photography Day 2023: Check Out Some Of India’s Best Landscape Photographers


World Photography Day 2023: Check Out Some Of India’s Best Landscape Photographers

19th August, every year this day is celebrated as ‘World Photography Day’. We as a society have come a long way, and so is the photography industry. From huge equipment to mobile phones that click the best of pictures. It’s no more limited to one’s passion, it has become a full-time job for many.

Photos are action-packed moments, frozen in time. Well, that is the magic of photography. Way back in 1837, two Frenchmen- Joseph Nicephore Nicepce and Louis Daguerre invented the earliest form of the photographic process known as the ‘Daguerreotype process’. The then French government referred to the invention as ‘a gift to the world’.

The first-ever World Photography Day was celebrated on 19th August 2010. On that very day, more than 270 photographers from across the globe submitted their work to a global online gallery. It was a huge success, thus marking the very first World Photography Day. Since then it has been celebrated every year but with a different theme always.

This year’s theme is ‘landscape’. Well, India is a hub of a few of the world’s best landscape photographers. So we have listed Indian photographers who have created magic with their landscape photography.

Vikram Singh Bawa: One of the most celebrated photographers of India, Vikram is an internationally acknowledged landscape photographer. Owing to his amazing photography skills, Vikram is also known as the ‘Master of Gimmicks’. He is the first photographer from India to introduce 3D photography back in the 1990s.


Thakur Dalip Singh: He is an internationally acclaimed photographer with so many achievements attached to his name. He is the recipient of more than 150 international and national awards. His amazing work has been published in the Journal of Photography, B.B.C Wildlife, 35 mm Photography, and Photography (U.K.) among others.


Upendra Upadhyay: A well-known photographer, Upendra has been recognized as an artist by the Federation Internationale de l’ Art Photographique (The International Federation of Photographic Art) France. His interest of work includes nature and wildlife photography. He has won around 70 awards for his work.


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