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Delhi Govt Issues Advisory Amid Poor Air Quality Concerns On Diwali 


New Delhi: The Delhi government issued an advisory on Sunday addressing apprehensions about the ‘poor’ air quality in the national capital. The advisory encompasses a set of guidelines outlining ‘dos and don’ts’ for the festival season, emphasising both celebratory practices and health considerations. 

The Delhi government’s advisory for Diwali emphasises the importance of steering clear of locations with elevated air pollution. The advisory urges citizens to refrain from venturing into congested traffic zones, proximity to polluting industries, and sites undergoing construction or demolition activities. 

The use of firecrackers is also discouraged. Burning wood, leaves, crop residues, and waste is not advised. 

The advisory includes the following: 

Don’ts: Avoid places with high air pollution, like slow and heavy traffic roads, areas near polluting industries, and construction-demolition sites. 

Avoid outdoor morning and late evening walks, jogging, running, and physical exercises, especially during days with severe Air Quality Index (AQI). 

Do not smoke cigarettes; avoid burning mosquito coils and incense sticks in closed premises; avoid burning wood, leaves, crop residues, and waste; and do not ignite firecrackers. 

Do’s: Wash your eyes with running water, Perform regular gargles with lukewarm water, Eat a healthy balanced diet, including fruits and vegetables, Consult a doctor in case of breathlessness, giddiness, cough, chest discomfort or pain, or irritation in the eyes (red or watery).

Use public transport or carpool, Practice wet mopping instead of sweeping inside homes and workplaces. 

Air quality across Delhi remains in the ‘Poor’ category, according to the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). The CPCB data indicates that the AQI in Anand Vihar was at 266, while at RK Puram, it was recorded at 241 on Sunday morning at 07:00 am.

Similarly, in the Punjabi Bagh area, it was at 233, and in the ITO area, it was recorded at 227. Officials are checking vehicles entering the national capital due to the pollution-related GRAP 4 regulations. 

On Friday, the Delhi government announced the ‘Diya Jalao, Patakhe nahi’ campaign in the city amid concerns about rising pollution again after the Diwali festival.

(With ANI Inputs)

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