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Haryana Govt sends notice to parents in Gurgaon, seeking sensitive information


Following the direction of the state education board, Gurgaon district administration has asked all the private schools in Gurgaon region to update and upload student’s records on the Management Information System (MIS), the official education portal of the Haryana government.

This came out as a result; that last year the Haryana Government asked all schools in the state to make sure information of all the students is updated on MIS before the start of the academic year on April 1. However, most of the schools failed to do it. so this year again, schools are asking to fill in the details from the parents.

Gurgaon deputy commissioner Vinay Pratap asked all the parents to support this and come forward to fill in the details. He further added the data collection exercise is being done throughout the state so that necessary policy decisions can be taken.

He added, “The details are important as financial status is important in determining policy parameters. All information will be kept confidential”.

However, the parents are angry with this decision. They feel that details like Aadhaar number; bank and income details asked by the school are intrusive and will not serve any positive purpose. Parents went on to say that they are also not comfortable in sharing their financial details.

Parents believe all these details which the schools are asking have nothing to do with the school or the authorities, as long as they are paying their child’s fees on time.

Parents are angry about this sudden demand and are not willing to provide any details to the school authority.

They further added that Supreme Court has still not given their verdict on Aadhaar being compulsory, but the Haryana government is forcing them to adopt Aadhaar system.

This sudden notice from schools came in the light because of Haryana education department warning, which warned private schools to upload information on the U-DISE before January 22.

U-DISE is Unified District Information System for Education. It is the 10-digit number given to the school which is further used as a username on the central government’s portal where the information will be uploaded.


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