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Fact Check: 2022 Video Of Kerala Congress Leader Goes Viral With False Claims


A video lasting 2.06 minutes circulated widely on social media platforms, purportedly featuring Congress leader PC George, making allegations that restaurants run by Muslims are incorporating impotence pills into their food.

The Facebook post reads: “#सावधान_हिन्दुओं केरल कांग्रेस के नेता पीसी जॉर्ज ने कहा कि सभी ईसाईयों और हिंदुओं को मुसलमानों के रेस्टोरेंट और होटल में कभी भी खाना खाने नहीं जाना चाहिए क्योंकि मुसलमान व्यवसाई खानों में कई तरह की दवाई मिलाकर हिंदुओं और ईसाइयों को नपुंसक बनाकर इस देश की सत्ता पर काबिज करना चाहते हैं उन्होंने अपने बात के उदाहरण में श्रीलंका के डॉक्टर का भी नाम लिया। उन्होंने जो कहा इस बहस में ना जाते हुए आप यह सोचिए यह व्यक्ति कोई मामूली व्यक्ति नहीं है यह केरल सरकार में पूर्व मंत्री रह चुका है।” (English translation: #BeAlertHindus Kerala Congress leader PC George has said that all Christians and Hindus should never eat at Muslim restaurants and hotels because Muslim businessmen mix various medicines in the food to make Hindus and Christians impotent and seize power in this country. He also took the name of a doctor from Sri Lanka as an example in his statement. Considering what he said in this debate, without going into it, think that this person is not an ordinary person, he has been a former minister in the Kerala government.)

The above post can be seen here. (Archive)


NewsMobile fact-checked the posts, and found it to be false.

With a keyword search, the NM team discovered that similar posts have been circulating since May 2022. Additionally, we observed a Malayalam banner in the background bearing the title “Hindu Mahasamellanam 2022.” One minute and 19 seconds into the video, he can be heard saying: ”Practising Muslims knowingly mix sterilising drugs in drinks. Muslims are trying to increase their population and make this a Muslim country.”

Another Google search using the keywords “PC George,” “Hindu Mahasamellanam,” and “Impotence pill” in Malayalam led us to a news report from News 18 Malayalam, dated April 30, 2022, providing a detailed account of the incident.

According to the report, “A former MSF leader filed a complaint with the DGP against former MLA PC George for his communal speech. The complaint was filed by PP Shaijal, former state vice president of MSF. According to the complaint, the former MLA PC George, who spoke at the inauguration of the ‘Ananthapuri Hindu Maha Sammelanam’ organised by the Hindu Maha Parishad in Thiruvananthapuram, racially abused the Muslim community throughout the speech and deliberately tried to create communal strife. “Practising Muslims knowingly mix sterilising drugs in drinks. Muslims are trying to increase their population and make this a Muslim country. Muslim priests spitting on food three times and distributing it, etc., are some of the remarks made by Mr George. PC George made very serious false allegations throughout the speech,” the complaint said. 

PC George, a seven-time MLA representing the Poonjar constituency in Kerala’s Kottayam district, served from 1982-87 and 1996-2021, with his last term spanning from 2016-2021. Over his six terms as MLA, George was elected from various factions of the Kerala Congress.

In the 2016 assembly elections, he contested as an Independent and secured victory, defeating both the LDF and UDF candidates by a significant margin of 27,000 votes. However, in the 2021 assembly elections, he faced defeat to LDF candidate Sebastian Kulathunkal by a margin of 16,000 votes.

As per the Hindustan Times report, George also held the position of chief whip in the Congress-led UDF government from 2011 to 2015, representing the Kerala Congress (M).

In February 2017, as the sole independent MLA in the state Assembly, he founded a new party, Kerala Janapaksham. Subsequently, in April 2019, Kerala Janapaksham Secular became part of the BJP-led National Democratic Allianc, opting not to align with either the Congress or CPM, as indicated by various news reports.

Later, PC George merged his party with BJP in anticipation of the Lok Sabha elections in February 2024. On February 28, 2024, he publicly announced his official entry into BJP during the closing event of NDA’s Kerala Padayatra at Central Stadium in Thiruvananthapuram.

Therefore, it can be concluded that a video featuring P C George from 2022, who is currently affiliated with the BJP, was circulated with false claims that he made communal remarks targeting Muslims while associated with the Congress.

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