Fact Check: Human Hand-shaped Marbled Meat For Sale? No, It’s AI-generated


An image, purportedly depicting the human hand-shaped marbled red meat for sale in a grocery store, recently surfaced on social media claiming it was real.

The Facebook post reads: “Human Meat On The Market ! Everyone”.

The above post can be seen here.


NewsMobile fact-checked the above picture, and found it to be AI-generated.

Closely observing the picture, the NM team detected several discrepancies. The hands portrayed in the packages, all left-handed, resemble marbled steaks but lack standard human hand anatomy, featuring inconsistent anatomical features, including some with only four fingers. Moreover, the display shows an abundance of shelf price markers for a single item, which, though resembling shelf labels, lack clear and informative text.

Putting the image through Hive Moderation — a tool that detects AI-generated content — we found that the picture in question is 74.2% AI-generated.

Examining the image through Google Lens, we found a post, dated March 19, 2024, on the Facebook page Nik Art. The Nik Art page, labelled “Virtual Art” in its introduction, hosts a public group named AI Universe, indicating the source of the contents in page. Hence, the above findings establish that the picture in question is not real but AI-generated.

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