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Fact Check: Old, Unrelated Images Falsely Linked To Nuh Violence In Haryana


Amid the communal violence in Haryana, several images of police officers wearing protective gear, and in one instance, thrashing a man, has gone viral, claiming to be from the ongoing violence in the Nuh district of Haryana.

Giving viral images a communal spin, a social media user wrote: “वाह रे हरियाणा के वीर हिंदुओं तुम पूरे दिल्ली को बंधक बना सकते हो? तुम भारत सरकार को चैलेंज कर सकते हो? सड़कों को जाम कर सकते हो? लेकिन अपनी इज्जत नहीं बचा सकते? यह हाल तो होना ही था जब तुम सड़कों पर बैठकर इन्हीं जिहादी गद्दारों का समर्थन ले रहे थे? आज इन्हीं गद्दारों ने तुम्हें तुम्हारी औकात बता दिया बहुत दुख होता है, अफसोस भी होता है यह सब देखकर कि 120 करोड़ हिंदुओं के देश में हिंदुओं का यह हाल है? चारों तरफ मार खा रहे हो? चारों तरफ आपकी करोड़ों अरबों की संपत्ति जब मर्जी होता है वह फूंक कर शांति से अपने घर में चले जाते हैं और शांतिप्रिय कहलाते हैं! तुम जय श्री राम का नारा लगाकर दंगाई कहलाते हो? अब यही सब देखना बाकी रह गया था? कुछ गद्दार जिहादियों का पोस्ट देखा उन्होंने डाला कि मोनू मानेसर आने वाला था, अरे मोनू मानेसर आने वाला है तो क्या? वह पाकिस्तान से आ रहा था क्या? बल्कि मोनू मानेसर इसी भारत माता का सच्चा वीर संतान है जिसके नाम से तुम्हारी फटती है! #Haryana #Mewat

(English translation: Wow brave Hindus of Haryana. You can hold the whole of Delhi hostage. You can challenge the Government of India. You can block the roads? But you can’t save your respect? This situation was bound to happen when you supported these Jihadi traitors sitting on the streets. Today these traitors told you your status. It is very sad, it is also sad to see that this is the condition of Hindus in the country of 120 crore Hindus. Are you getting beaten up all around? Whenever they want, they blow your property worth crores everywhere and go to their home peacefully and are called peace-loving! You were called a rioter for raising the slogan of Jai Shri Ram? Now this was all that was left to be seen? Saw the post of some traitor Jihadis, they put that Monu Manesar was about to come, hey Monu Manesar is about to come, so what? Was he coming from Pakistan? Rather, Monu Manesar is the true heroic child of this Mother India, whose name makes you cry! #Haryana #Mewat)

Image Credit: Facebook

You can see the above post here.

It is being widely shared on Facebook and Twitter with a similar claim.


NewsMobile fact-checked the post and found it to be misleading as the pictures in circulation are old and not related to the ongoing violence.

Image 1:

We did a Google Reverse Image Search and found the viral image in a report by National Herald dated August 26, 2017. We also found the same image in a report of First Post dated September 10, 2017. The report’s title reads: “Senior Dera Sacha Sauda member Govind Insan arrested for inciting violence in Panchkula on August 25.” 

The report quoting PTI mentioned that the Haryana Police arrested Govind Insan, a member of Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa. He was accused of inciting the violence in Panchkula after the conviction of self-styled godman Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh in a rape case. The violence claimed 35 lives, while six others were killed in an incident in Sirsa.

Image Credit: First Post’

Image 2:

On performing a Reverse Image Search, the NM team found the viral image in a photo gallery published by NDTV dated February 20, 2013. According to the report, the viral image was of violence which took place during a two-day nationwide strike (Bharat Bandh) by trade unions. Several cars were burnt, and factories were stoned during this violence.

Image Credit: NDTV

Image 3:

We did a Google Reverse Image Search and found the viral image in a report in The Times of India dated December 26, 2019. According to the report, the viral image was related to Anti-CAA protests. The image’s caption reads: “Police personnel clash with protesters during a rally against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), in Kanpur, Saturday, December 21.” It clearly means that the viral image is unrelated to the Nuh violence.

Image Credit: Times Of India

Image 4: 

Performing a Reverse Image Search, our team spotted a News Click report, dated December 23, 2019, with a title: “CAA/NRC: UP Police Deny Firing, But Reports Claim 14 out of 16 Died of Bullet injury”. It suggests that the viral image was related to CAA/NRC protest and not the ongoing Nuh violence.

Image Credit: News Click

In conclusion, the above findings establish that the viral images are old and have no connection with the recent violence that broke out in Haryana.

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