Fact Check: Swiggy’s ‘Mob Violence-Tagged’ Advertisement Card Is Fabricated


Zomato faced criticism initially for launching a vegetarian-exclusive service, but founder Deepinder Goyal announced a reversal after backlash. The incident has reignited debates on the responsibilities of food delivery platforms. Meanwhile, a Swiggy advertisement card featuring a message assuring customers that their dietary preferences would be kept private has surfaced on Internet. The ad also contains inflammatory remarks, seemingly mocking concerns about the safety of delivery partners, referencing the lack of life insurance coverage and alluding to the threat of mob violence.

A Facebook user posted with a caption: “Hats off to Swiggy for this ad”.

The above post can be seen here.


NewsMobile fact-checked the above claim, and found it to be FALSE. 

After conducting a reverse image search and checking Swiggy’s official social media pages, our team couldn’t find any similar advertisement. However, we discovered a tweet posted by Swiggy’s official account on March 20, 2024, refuting the advertisement card in question.

Swiggy took to Twitter to share a public service announcement regarding a fake advertisement card that surfaced on social media platforms recently. In the tweet, Swiggy clarified that the ad was not created by them or anyone associated with the company. They urged people to refrain from circulating or attributing it to Swiggy.

We also found a report by India Today, dated March 20, 2024, carrying the same statement refuted by Swiggy. Therefore, we can conclusively state that the eviction-safe food delivery mockery advertisement card attributed to Swiggy is fake.

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