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Fact Check: Video Of Mob Pelting Stones At A Bus Is NOT From Bangalore; Here’s The Truth


A video showing an unruly mob attacking a bus has gone viral on social media claiming that people from the Muslim community in Bangalore attacked the bus after the driver did not stop the bus for a lady.

The post read, ” బెంగుళూరు ఉచిత బస్సు…ఉచితంగా ప్రయాణించడమే కాకుండా, ఒక *..స్లిం మహిళ తన ఇంటి ముందు బస్సును ఆపమని కోరింది, అయితే డ్రైవర్ నేరుగా బస్టాండ్‌లో ఆపాడు*… *అప్పుడు స్పందన చూడండి. మిలిటెంట్లలా ప్రభుత్వ ఆస్తులను ధ్వంసం చేసే వీళ్లకు ఏం శిక్ష.. కర్ణాటక విషాదం. వీళ్ళు ఏదేశంలో ఉన్నా , వీళ్ళకు ఎంతమేలుచేసినా వీళ్ళబుద్ధి మారదు. రాళ్ళు విసిరి ధ్వంసం చెయ్యడమే..”

(English: Bangalore free bus… Not only travelling for free, but an *.. Slim lady asks her to stop the bus in front of her house but the driver stops her directly at the bus stand*… *watch the reaction then. What is the punishment for these people who destroy government properties like militants.. Karnataka tragedy. No matter which country they are in, how much ever you do to them, their intelligence will not change. Destroying by throwing stones.)

Here’s the link to the above post (archive).


NewsMobile fact-checked the video, and found it to be false.

Closely watching the video, our team found GJ written on the number plate of the bus, indicating that the video is from Gujarat.

While looking for similar posts, we found that the same video had been shared by multiple users in August 2023, claiming that it was from Mewat in Haryana. The same video had also been shared on X (then Twitter) in 2019 claiming that it was from Mumbai.

However, in the comment section, another user claimed that the video was from Surat.

Another report by TV9 Gujarati, dated July 2019, shows similar visuals of the bus with a  headline: “Rally against mob lynching incidents turns violent in Surat, stones pelted on buses.”

Many media reports had also covered the protest against the mob-lynching incident that turned violent in Surat, following which Section 144 was implemented in the area.

Thus, it is clear that a video from Gujarat is being shared with a false claim.

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