Hotel secrets that expose the ‘real’ world of hospitality; facts to watch out for


Every time we check into a hotel, most of us have huge big smiles on our faces. A hotel stay means luxury, clean and comfortable beds, everything on our beck and call and relaxation par excellence. Well, hold on! You could be in for some surprise here.

Leading survey companies across the world have come up with alarming facts about the real world of hotels. We bring to you the top ones. Not only are some of them complete eye openers, they actually help us to understand how to ensure they do not happen to us.

Think before you sprawl on the bed and pick up the remote control 
It is probably contaminated! Research specifies that the dirtiest item in the rooms are the remote control and the phones. When tested by a bacteria expert, every single remote control was found to have immense levels of bacteria. Be sure to sanitize these equipment’s before you pick them up.

While you are away, you may have surprise guests snoozing in your bed
A hotel maid working in a 5-star hotel in Florida once told a leading travel company that cleaning staff sometimes take nap, if they are really tired. Especially, if the rooms are large and they have time at hand, then a quick snooze on a comfort bed, is the solution.
Now that’s something, we do not have a solution for!

Your glasses & the coffee machine may not be entirely clean
Think twice before using them directly. An investigation by a leading news agency found that these were not cleaned well, and most times the chemical sprays used were not specific to utensil cleaning. Again, personal sanitisation helps. Or best, ask the restaurant to send fresh glasses. Chances of them being clean are higher.

Happy with the discounted rate you got, wait till you get to the hotel
According to hotel insiders, if you book a discount room, you’ll probably be getting the worst room on the property. This is because hotels want to save their best for loyal guests and big spenders. Calling the hotel directly, helps.

Clean linen is a must ask
Always ask for clean linen. While sheets are washed daily in most hotels, all the other cozy items on your bed are not. A former housekeeper told the agency, that blankets, bedspreads and throw pillows are not washed frequently or changed between stays. Ask your hotel for fresh ones when checking in.

Your behaviour makes a difference
If you’re rude to staff, expect it right back at you. An employee confessed that if guests annoy or are troublesome, then they sometimes deactivate their keys, so that they are caused inconvenience. Well, a smile helps!

Bed bugs! Companions you just may not like
Hotels are one of the top most places for bed bugs to habituate. A 2015 bugs with borders survey came up with this finding. So, watch your itching and ensure you opt for clean hotels with good reviews.

Interesting! Definitely. As tourists, we need to be mindful of these factors and ensure we are alert, aware and on our feet when it comes to such hygiene factors. And maybe then, the real relaxation factor will be at its highest!


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