Kapoor Siblings Spill Some Beans On The ‘Koffee’ Couch


The most awaited day of the week is here! Yes, the ‘Koffee Thursday’, to freshen us up, with our weekly dose of the much-needed Bollywood drama, gossip, inside deets and whatnot. The new episode of Koffee With Karan had a Koffee debutant. The Kapoor siblings graced the Koffee couch, and not the ones we would usually expect.

The guests on the 11th episode of Koffee With Karan were Janhvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor. This episode marked the much-awaited debut of Khushi Kapoor on the infamous Koffee couch. This particular episode was all things love, celebrating each other’s successes, highs and lows, addressing the boys in their lives, the bonds and the relationships.

Highlights of the episode:

The siblings talked about Sridevi’s death: Well, the news of Sridevi’s death was a shock to the world, let alone her family and the kids. This episode of Koffee With Karan brought Janhvi and Khushi together for the first time on a talk show, so they definitely had to talk about the biggest loss of their lives. The two sisters talked about how they processed this loss, and how they reacted when they first heard about their mother’s passing away. Khushi said, ‘I think it took me a while when it happened to kind of accept it. I think it did suddenly hit me after a while. But I was a bit confused, I don’t know. But I had Jahnvi and I had Dad. So, they were just kind of there to help.’

To this Janhvi added, ‘The thing that I remember, when I got the call, I was in my room. And I could hear wailing from Khushi’s room. And I think I barged into her room howling and crying. But what I do remember, Karan, is she looked at me.’ At this point, both the sisters got teary-eyed. Janhvi further added, ‘The minute she looked at me, she just stopped crying. She just stopped. She just sat next to me and started comforting me and I’ve never seen her cry about it ever since.’ Khushi also said, ‘I think I felt that I had to hold it together for everyone because I feel I’ve always been the ‘strong’ one.

Janhvi spilt some beans on her dating life: Thanks to the paps and of course the social media, we know there’s something brewing between Janhvi and Shikhar Pahariya. Well, this episode did give us the confirmation we all were looking forward to. While talking about the dating lives of the Kapoor sisters Karan asked Janhvi, ‘You have had an interesting path of love, you were dating Shikhar, and then you dated someone else and now you are dating Shikhar again. True or false?’

To which the actress replied, ‘I won’t say that but I will say this, he is, not just for me, but for her (Khushi), for dad and everyone in our family, he has been there from the start as a friend. Not in a way that made me feel like he is expecting anything or he is a pushover or any of those things. He was just there in a very selfless dignified way and in a way that I have not seen many men capable of being there for another human being.’

Love is brewing between two Archies co-stars: It’s a very common sight of co-stars falling for each other in real life, and we have seen many such examples in the past of the same. There have been lots and lots of rumours that Khushi is dating her Archies co-star Vedang Raina. This of course had to be a topic of discussion on the show. KJo asked Khushi, ‘There’s a rumour that you’re dating Vedang Raina from The Archies. Is it true or false?’ But, just like any other protective elder sister Janhvi came out to Khushi’s rescue and said, ‘False, just say false.’ To this Khushi had a very sly response, the actress said, ‘You know that scene in Om Shanti Om where there is a row of people saying, ‘Om and I are just good friends.’

The bond between the four siblings: We have always heard Arjun Kapoor and Janhvi Kapoor speak about how things have changed for the four siblings after the passing away of Sridevi. Now for the first time, Khushi was asked the same question. Talking about the bond that she shares with Arjun and Anshula, she said, ‘I feel like it’s so nice to have people. Like, more people that I can call and ask stupid, silly questions all the time. And besides Dad and Janhvi, I think they kind of helped me hold everything together. I go to Anshula for certain things and I go to Arjun bhaiya for certain things.’

Janhvi talks about her growth as an actor: For the unversed, Janhvi is going to share the screen space with Jr NTR in Devara. This will mark her much-awaited Telugu debut. Talking about her experience, the actress said, ‘I realised this when I showed up on set, on the Devara film sets. It felt like everything I have done up until now has been like workshops, or like getting ready, or getting to know myself.’

She further added, ‘The first couple of years, I don’t think I realised how lost I was, how much like a headless chicken I was. Internally, and emotionally. And the only thing I knew was that I loved my work. And, it is in many ways, keeping me alive, and keeping me sane. In a lot of ways, I was escaping into my work. So, I feel like when I came on to this set, I felt like, ‘Okay, this is who I am’. And this is who I am. And all of that knowledge and all of those experiences have prepared me for this moment. I value all those films and experiences so much. But I feel like this is my calling and I feel better about myself and what I am going to do hopefully from now on.’

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