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US Elections 2024: Where Do Biden, Trump Stand On Key Issues


Washington DC: US President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are all set for a rematch for the upcoming Presidential polls in 2024. Both candidates are looking forward to clinching the election and being in the White House from January 2025.

But to do that both Trump and Biden have to address the issues of the American people and bring them together as a United Nation. Let us take a look at where both candidates stand in the upcoming polls:

The economic policy of Biden has its name, Bidenomics and in his words involves building the economy from bottom to up. This means investing in infrastructure and manufacturing, clean energy and expanding job opportunities. The economic data shows strong growth and job creation under his leadership. But voters feel the pain of high inflation, especially food and petrol.

On the other hand, Donald Trump has blamed Biden’s big spending for the current inflation scenario in the US. He also vowed to return to an agenda of low taxes and fewer regulations. Trump says that he will look to replace Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, a man appointed by Trump and now being accused by the former president of being too “Political”.

A more compassionate stance on immigration is what President Biden has pledged. He lifted the cap on refugee admissions, extended humanitarian patrol, and repealed several border regulations implemented during the Trump administration. However, the Democrat’s support for more restrictive policies has changed in response to a sharp increase in illegal immigration and the public outcry that followed. This includes a new cross-party initiative that would give him the authority to close the border.

Mr. Trump mobilized his congressional allies to veto the bill because it was insufficiently comprehensive. Trump has pledged to reinstate his first-term policies, which included closing the border and conducting the biggest deportation operation in American history if reelected. In addition, the former president promised to fight Mexican drug cartels and remove birthright citizenship for children of unauthorized immigrants.

President Biden has constantly targeted Trump on abortion and called him an architect of an assault on Reproductive freedom after a Supreme Court with three Trump-appointed justices overturned Roe v Wade, the landmark 1973 ruling that granted US women the constitutional right to an abortion. With several states moving to restrict abortion access, he is promising to restore the rights afforded by Roe as the law of the land if Democrats win back Congress.

Trump has often proudly called himself for ending Roe but at the same time has criticised extreme measures in states like Arizona and Alabama. After a muddled few months, he finally set out his position as supporting states’ rights to determine their laws. But he declined to show support for a national law or how many weeks in his view should be the limit.

Ukraine Aid
Congress has been repeatedly advised by President Biden to keep providing financial support to Ukraine as it fights Russia. He claimed that a Russian victory would threaten Europe and give China, another significant US foe, more confidence. Though he has since moderated his language, Trump threatened in February to “encourage” Russia to “do whatever the hell they want” to NATO members if those allies failed to fulfil their financial duties to the organization.

Israel-Gaza War
Although President Biden has openly chastised Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu for his conduct in the Gaza conflict, he is still steadfast in his backing for Israel, arming the US partner with weaponry valued at billions of dollars and calling for increased aid.

But, Donald Trump, who has always taken pride in his backing of Israel, has stated that the nation must complete the work it has begun against Hamas militants in Gaza. He also asserted that Israel must act quickly to end the “PR War” since it is losing.

To bring the corporate income tax rate closer to the 35% rate that was in place before Mr. Trump’s administration, President Biden is in favour of boosting it to 28%. He has also suggested raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans or restoring them, as well as taking tough measures against big pharma and multinational corporations that evade taxes. Another commitment is to increase tax benefits for families and low-income individuals.

To prolong and potentially make permanent the soon-to-expire individual income tax cuts as well as the estate and wealth tax cuts included in the package, Trump wants to extend the legislation he signed in 2017. In addition to proposing a uniform 10% tariff on all US imports and a 60% tariff on imports from China, he will keep the corporate income tax rate at 21%.

Democrats and President Biden have taken steps to reduce the cost of prescription drugs for the elderly. He has battled to preserve and increase coverage, as well as cut costs, for the “Obamacare” health insurance program, which has helped enrollment reach an all-time high.

Trump has often promised to overturn the Affordable Care Act and install “something better” in its place, but he hasn’t provided specifics. He and the Republican Party consistently deflect Democratic accusations that he will weaken the safety nets provided to senior citizens in America, such as Social Security and Medicare.

Following sharp increases in violent crime during the first two years of the pandemic, President Biden attributes the notable drop in violent crime to investments made in public safety. Although many Americans, including those polled by Gallup a few months ago, believe that crime is on the rise, recent FBI data supports this declining trend. A surge in violence prompted New York to send the National Guard into the city’s subway system.

Trump frequently draws attention to violent occurrences involving immigrants or draws attention to public safety issues in cities run by Democrats to portray his opponent as having skyrocketing, uncontrollably high crime rates. He has advocated for drug dealers to face the death penalty.

Gun Laws
The most important gun control laws in almost 20 years were signed into law by President Biden and include stronger background checks for firearms purchases in addition to other safeguards. The production and distribution of “ghost guns” have also been outlawed by his justice department. He has pleaded with Congress time and time again to outlaw assault rifles and magazines with large capacities.

In addition to weakening US gun restrictions while in office, Trump banned bump stocks—accessories that speed up the firing of semi-automatic rifles. In February, he assured the National Rifle Association that if he were to return to the White House, “No one will lay a finger on your firearms”.

Through his Inflation Reduction Act, President Biden committed a record $300 billion (£239 billion) to clean energy and climate programs. In addition, he has sparked a boom in the green energy sector by establishing audacious new targets for reducing car and greenhouse gas emissions. He has increased oil and gas output, but some climate activists are against his initiatives, such as the Willow oil project in Alaska.

In contrast, Trump has pledged to “drill, baby, drill” and increase domestic energy output, partly to lower gas costs. However, under his replacement, domestic output has increased.

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