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Anju’s Whereabouts Remain Unknown After Her Return From Pak; Her Children Deny Meeting Her


New Delhi: Anju, an Indian woman who returned from Pakistan after marrying a Facebook friend named Nasrullah, faces complexities upon arriving in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan. Her children have expressed their reluctance to meet her in their residential society. Anju’s current whereabouts are unknown after landing in Delhi this week and failing to reach Bhiwadi or meet her children.

Security has been heightened at the residential society where Anju resides, with thorough checks on all vehicles and strangers. The Intelligence Bureau has questioned Anju’s 15-year-old daughter and six-year-old son. Bhiwadi’s Additional Superintendent of Police, Deepak Saini, stated that an ongoing investigation is underway, with recorded statements from involved parties. Anju may be questioned and potentially arrested as part of the inquiry.

Anju gained attention earlier this year when she travelled to Pakistan to marry Nasrullah, converting to Islam and adopting the name Fatima. Returning to India via the Wagah border, Anju faced questioning by the Punjab Police’s intelligence team and the IB in Amritsar before being allowed to fly to Delhi.

In the national capital, Anju remained tight-lipped about her stay in Pakistan and her return to India. She expressed her intention to take her children to Pakistan after divorcing her Indian husband, Arvind. However, Arvind, when questioned, claimed to be unaware of her return and declined to discuss the matter.

According to Arvind, he and Anju are not yet divorced, a process that typically takes three to five months. Anju has obtained a one-month no-objection certificate for her return to India. Legal experts suggest that custody of her children can only be pursued after the divorce is finalised.


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