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Khattar’s diktat to babus: Stand up to receive MPs, MLAs


Manohar Lal Khattar’s government on Tuesday asked the bureaucrats in the state to stand up and greet politicians who visit their department. An order has been issued directing bureaucrats to give a standing welcome to the Members of Parliament (MPs) and Member of Legislative Assemblies (MLAs) visiting their government departments.

A circular from the chief secretary’s office says that the behaviour of the public servant should be “meticulously correct and courteous” and should stand up from their seats to receive the MPs and MLAs from their respective vehicles, while they are visiting their offices.

Also during public functions, the MPs have to be compulsorily invited and comfortably seated as per the protocol. If the constituency of an MP falls in two districts, the bureaucrats of both districts must send invitations for important events well in advance.

Any meeting conducted by the Centre is to be attended by MPs, where special care should be taken by the officials to see the notice is being given to them in good time regarding the date, time and venue of the meeting.

The officers have been instructed that all communications received from an MP or an MLA should be attended promptly. Also, information or statistics relating to matters of local importance sought by any MP or MLA should be furnished immediately, along with a soft copy.

The officers should not ignore telephonic messages left for them by MPs and MLAs in their absence and contact them as soon as possible. This also includes SMS and e-mails received on official mobile phones, which are to be received and answered on priority.

The order further stated that any violation of the relevant conduct rules in this regard will make the government servant liable for appropriate punishment.

The Haryana government issued the guidelines after the central government gave them a reference in regards to a parliamentary committee report, which stated the violation of protocol and disrespectful behaviour of the bureaucrats with MPs and MLAs.

(With ANI inputs)

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